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uif = universal image format it is the internal format for a program called gBurner - uif files are a compressed single file of the contents of a CD or DVD which is called an "image" file - you need a copy of gBurner to open it See related links to go to their website.

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How do you burn uif files?

uif is a compressed disc image file. You need gburner to open and burn uif file. you can get gburner from

How do you open uif files?

The format .uif is for Magic ISO Universal Image Format. It can open DVD image files and convert bin to iso and back. The uif file is a compression image file format for backing up CD's or DVD's.

What is the program that compresses larger files into smaller files?

Those programs that compresses larger files to smaller files are called ripping softwares. Some examples of these softwares are Winrar, 7-Zip, Uharc, kgb archiever,etc.

Can you retrieve the data by system restore?

No you cant. You cant retrieve only system files which are deleted. But you can also retrieve other files by different softwares.. Actually there are many softwares which can retrieve files that are deleted so try to search some softwares maybe this one works or

What is UIF?

uif is a compressed disc image file. you can open, edit, extract, convert and burn uif file with gBurner. You can get gburner from:

How do you transfer files to CD?

using suitable softwares like Nero startsmart

What format supports 48-bit true Color transparency but does not support animation?

This would be png files as Jpeg files do not support transparency and Gif files do support animations. Png files are one of the major files which support transparency and do not support animations.

How can you convert the 3gp files into other format?

quick google of conversion softwares should do the trick.

How do you convert MPEG files to put them on a DVD?

mpeg files can be converted int standard vob files that is required in a DVD. It can be done using standard DVD writing softwares like Nero.

How do you hide installed softwares on your PC?

There are programs that can be purchased or downloaded to help hide files. Normally people just add locks to the files they wish not to share.

Can we download utorrent files through other download softwares?

i kno limewire can do it, and i think the browser Opera too

Can you Convert your PDF files in text Formats If yes How can you do it?

Use some PDF converting softwares. You can download PDFzilla in the first link below. PDFzilla is a softrware which can convert pdf files into text and HTML files. But if your pdf file is scanned one, PDFzilla cannot deal with it. In that case please use the software - PDFOCR. It will recognize the charactors in the PDF files and export them in text files. You can download it in the second link below. I have tried all of these two softwares, I was satisfied with them.

What software do you need to download pdf files from Google books and also which website is the most safe to download free softwares for downloading pdf files?

PDF have the software download it from there

What computer softwares come with a free technical support plans?

If you want to be free technical support please visit the site

What is percentage uif you missed 2 out of 6?


What tax software comes with technical support?

Avalara ,Lacerte tax softwares comes with technical support.

Did full computer scan computer delete available files on a PC?

Yes, some antivirus softwares delete infected system files which they cannot repair. After which windows cannot starts.

Which software can run avi files in nokia n73?

smart movie software can run avi files on n73 smart movie software can run avi files on n73 Use 3gp instead its easy to use without softwares

What is the difference between original and pirated software?

Original softwares have licence agreements with the companies that publish/ release the software. Pirated softwares are where the licences are stolen. The publishing companies usually have the count of licences by their licence numbers. Pirated softwares are tampering with the licences and may not work in some genuine OS. Esp. Vista+ OS do not support Pirated Softwares.

When will the Nokia aasha306 phone have Hindi language support?

very soon it will have. Nokia is working on the update of softwares.

Can the Zune software support .wav files?

Zune does not support .wav files. You need to convert them into .wma lossless files for Zune to be able to play them. Supposedly the reason for this is that .wma files are smaller, with no loss of sound quality.

Is Nokia 2690 supports sis files? will support only .jar files....

What is the difference between Drive and Directory?

drive is the partition on your hard disk - c:, d: etc are examples. softwares & files are stored in directories which are stored inside the drives of a hard disk. the hard disk is physical, partitions / drives as they are commonly called are virtual bifurcations on your physical drive, where softwares of files are stored in directories for ease of access to particular information.

Why does Sony Vegas use only 1 core of my Q6600?

A lot of software does not support many core systems, sony Vegas is one of them. These softwares are single threaded softwares and use only one core.

How can you find the unzip file for nokia 81 8gb?

hi I have found many softwares for nokia 81 8gb in websites but these are unzips files.So i couldn't open that files in my mobiles.It needs only unzip files.

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