What are the special growth patterns of flamingos?

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Well.. Theres 2 Flamingo's...they ... do it, have a baby, the baby grows up, Myabe it has kids, but than , it dies.
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How is the supernormal growth pattern likely to vary from normal constant growth pattern in financial management?

Normal, or constant, growth occurs when a firm's earnings and dividends grow at some constant rate forever. One category of non-constant growth stock is a "supernormal" growth stock which has one or more years of growth above that of the economy as a whole, but at some point the growth rate will fal ( Full Answer )

What is a flamingo?

A flamingo is a long legged pink feathered wading bird of Africa.It has a large down turned beak for sifting shallow lakes for shellfish etc which maintains the pink plumage. The broad pink wingshave black wing tips. There was also an aircraft of the 1930s called the De Havilland(UK) Flamingo. It wa ( Full Answer )

What is a pattern?

For art it would be: Clothing Fabrics/Fabrics. For math:there is a pattern in these numbers: 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, ... theyfollow a rule start at 2 and add 5 each time

What is the growth pattern of Kona Coffee?

Answer . Kona coffee is the market name for a variety of coffee (Coffee arabica) cultivated on the slopes of Mount Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. This from Wikipedia. The link is posted.

Are flamingos herbivores?

No, because they eat small fish. shrimp, algae, and other small creatures found in shallow water. Flamingos are omnivores.

What is the pattern of population growth in Dubai?

The population of Dubai has been exploding in recent decades. Inthe 1970s, it was barely a city, and it is now growing so fast thatthey are building land out into the ocean.

What is pattern?

Pattern for a garment is the blue print on the basis of which the fabric is cut and the same is achieved by two methods: Flat Pattern Method and Draping Method. Flat Pattern Method: This a method where in body or dress form measurements are taken for developing a pattern. Draping Method: In ( Full Answer )

Why are tigers' patterns special?

The tiger's stripes break up its outline as he lies up in cover awaiting prey. The special patterns aid camouflage.. Additional Info: For the average prey such as, color-blind deer, antelope, the stripes of a tiger help it all but disappear in tall grass. To it's prey the tiger may seem to be patch ( Full Answer )

Why is a flamingo called a flamingo?

It is called a flamingo because it comes from a Latin word called Phoenicopterus ruper , that means pink colored organism.

Is it a good idea to paint roofs with special paint to stop moss growth?

As far as I know there is not paint that "stops moss growth" The problem needs to be fixed by killing the sources of the growth of mildew and moss. Perhaps it is a moisture problem. You need to kill the moss first then paint it with a special coating. I called Sherwin Williams and they helped me out ( Full Answer )

What open growth pattern of plants means?

a plant has a growth pattern called open growth.throughout life, the plant adds new organs such as branches,leaver and roots enlarging from the tips of roots and shoots but the rate of growth is not uniform throghout the plant body. at the beginning, the growth is slow but gradually it becomes rapid ( Full Answer )

What is patternicity?

The tendency to find patterns where there are none. According to a recent study, evolution favors patternicity because it's safer to detect a false threat than to ignore a real one and become a bogeyman's lunch meat.

What is the growth pattern of a young tree?

it starts off with a seed it takes water and food and nutrients then it slowly came out of it's seed coat then a tiny root went down into the soil then eventually the tree started growing leave it's a seedling now and it needs sunlight the tree is now doing photosynthesis every year the tree get tal ( Full Answer )

What are growth patterns in the hair?

There are four growth patterns:. widow's peak . cow lick . nape whorl . double crown . Widow's peak is where there is a hood of hair on the forehead (like Dracula) where the hair comes down into a point. A cow lick is where the hair has a tendency to stick up and is hard to style. It is mostly ( Full Answer )

What is the mustang horses special growth pattern?

a mustang foal's coat is usually darker than it is supposed to be, and as the foal grows, it develops natural patterns;an appaloosa's spotted rump, a zebra's stripes{usually seen on the legs}, etc. A rare majestic breed is a mustang with a golden-palomino coat, black points{muzzle, ear-tips and ho ( Full Answer )

Are there Flamingos in Egypt?

Yes, the Greater Flamingo is found in Egypt in great numbers. The best place to see them in Egypt is Lake Qaran where numbers of Flamingos are up to 1000.

Describe an exponential growth pattern include key factors such as growth factors?

One example of exponential growth and limiting factors is a basic population growth equation, dN/dt=rN(1-N/K), where N(t) is the population at time t, r is the populations growth rate at t=0, and K is the populations carrying capacity which is the limiting factor on the population's exponenti ( Full Answer )

Are flamingos reptiles?

No flamingos belong to the bird family and not the reptile family as they have wings.

What can eat a flamingo?

Flamingos choose regions that have little food for other animals and avoid having many natural predators. They can be the target of large birds that move from place to place. Grown flamingos are not the target but the chicks are vulnerable and the parents must protect them and kept them close by.

A logistic growth pattern from an exponential growth pattern?

The growth rate in an exponential growth will continue to increase over time. In logistic growth, the growth rate will increase until it begins to level off at at the carrying capacity of an environment, where the amount of resources determines the amount of organisms that can be sustained in a give ( Full Answer )

Does a flamingo have teeth?

no but they have small comb like things called lammelae that strain the tiny food they eat! i am awesome

Why do flamingos stink?

It is because of all of the seafood that they eat. the food may leave an epic stench.but i bet you smell worse.

Growth pattern of a plant after removal of apical bud?

When cut the plant will release hormones, auxin, gibberellins largely, which cause and regulate plant growth. Depending on the stage of growth and how and where the cutting/topping was done, the plant will push out two, three or four new main leaders. The plant will not grow as tall as it would have ( Full Answer )

Does finger print patterns change with growth?

The entire pattern grows larger as the area of skin becomes larger. However, the spatial relationship of the ridge detail remains the same. I work for a fingerprint unit at a law enforcement agency. We all have compared numerous juvenile arrest fingerprint cards to adult fingerprint cards without ( Full Answer )

What is special about the structure of growth hormone?

The human growth hormones (HGH) are hormones with crystal structureand are very essential during puberty stage. However, even adultsneed HGH since these hormones are responsible for maintainingproper organ function, metabolism, and overall health. Scientistshave also discovered that HGH can delay th ( Full Answer )

Why do you have patterns?

We have patterns because its is neat! Pattern is the link between the design and manufacturing. After you show your pattern to you customer and then they can confirm the products

What is the migration pattern of flamingos?

After breeding the flamingos will wait for the chicks to grow strong enough to fly and then they will migrate to a place with more water. they believe their diet is what makes their feathers pink.

What can flamingos do?

FLAMINGOS can eat so diff. from humans. They can fly which is also what a human cant do either.

How are exponential growth patterns similar to and different from linear growth patterns?

They are similar because the population increases over time in bothcases, and also because you are using a mathematical model for areal-world process. They are different because exponential growth can get dramaticallybig and bigger after a fairly short time. Linear growth keeps goingup the same amou ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to study patterns of growth mortality and maturity in fish from an ecological and a fisheries management point of view?

Studying patterns of growth, mortality, and maturity in fish is important from an ecological point of view because it helps society understand that piece of the food chain and how to maintain fish supply in the environment for both humans and animals. From a fishery's management's point of view, it ( Full Answer )

What type of growth pattern does corn have?

The typical corn plant develops 20-21 leaves, silks at 65 days and is mature at the grand old age of 125 days. Corn is a monocot.. Vegetative Stages . emergence . first leaf . second leaf . third leaf . continue with each leaf . tasseling . Reproductive Stages . silking . blister . ( Full Answer )