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Because HIV is a virus. Viruses have spikes because it is their way of reproducing.

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Q: What are the spikes on each HIV?
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If you have your period and you have intercourse without a condom and neither partner has HIV can you get HIV?

No. If neither one of you has HIV, you can't give it to each other.

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Can a man get HIV from a healthy man?

If neither person has HIV then neither will get it from each other. HIV can only survive in the human body (it dies quickly outside it) so if neither person has HIV it will not suddenly appear. There must be someone who has HIV for it be spread in the first place.

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Can married couples get HIV from each other?

Yes, if they cheat on each other with infected people.

Are AIDS and HIV the same things and I mean are they similar to each other?

HIV is the virus and AIDS is the disease. You get HIV and once it starts attacking your body you get AIDS. In lucky people, they can have HIV without ever getting AIDS but sadly, this is not true for everyone.

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if three person who are not HIV positive/AIDS have sexual relation ship with each other, any possibility of HIV/ AIds?

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