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I found that one specific symbol was marriage. It's a motif and theme throughout the book, and until the end it has no other meaning than the historical context of marriage being important and Emma's matchmaking hobby. We do get a glimpse through Mr. Woodhouse that marriage is the epitome of change, but at the very end of the novel when all the marriages happen, marriage turns into a symbol of erasing the past and beginning with a new slate, especially for Emma who has made so many blunders. Now she can start a new life and move on.

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Some key symbols in "Emma" by Jane Austen include the box of mysteries that Mr. Woodhouse dislikes, which symbolizes Emma's meddling nature; the piano brought by Frank Churchill symbolizing luxury and wealth; and the collection of riddles symbolizing the complexity of human relationships and emotions in the novel.

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Q: What are the symbols in the classic literature novel Emma written by Jane Austen?
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