What are the symbols in the novel the bean trees?

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Can you eat the beans of a catalpa tree?

The Catalpa beans are not edible, but have several uses. Indiansused many parts of the tree for medicines and some say they can beused to keep moles out of a yard.

What does a Banyan Tree Tattoo Symbolize?

A Banyan tree tattoo symbolizes nationalism. It also symbolizesextended family, love and loyalty to family. To others, itsymbolizes eternal life.

Do coffee beans grow on a tree or bush?

in the ground, on cucamunga roots that need lots of sugar and mustard and milk to grow. in the ground, on cucamunga roots that need lots of sugar and mustard and milk to grow

What is the symbolic meaning of the birch tree?

The birch tree, especially amongst the Celts of ancient Scotland, was considered a symbol of strength, renewal and fertility. The birch is a hardy tree and is one of the first to show new growth in Springtime after the bitter cold of winter.

What does the cypress tree symbolize?

The cypress tree is a common species in the Mediterranean regionand eastern Europe. This species symbolizes life and longevity.

What does the Mayan crocodile tree symbolize?

The Maya also had the concept of the Axis Mundi, or World Tree, but in addition, they had a Crocodile Tree representing our galaxy - the Milky Way, and they visited Hunab Ku - the galactic centre which lies in the mouth of the crocodile, (or dark rift as we call it).

What is the symbolic meaning of Oak tree?

Oak trees, throughout literature, are often regarded as wise and humble, due to their usually extended age and wrinkled appearance, referencing them to elders who have known and witness many things.

What does a hickory tree symbolize?

A hickory tree is said to symbolize several things. Some of thethings the tree symbolizes are flexibility, strength, balance, andpersistence.

What does the novel Thirteen Reasons Why symbolize?

i think that the reason for this book is to show that even little things that you do to a person, even if you don't realize what you're doing, you can really mess with a persons life. so like the moral to the story is to watch how you act and say to others because what you do can end up being positi ( Full Answer )

Are cocoa beans a tree nut?

Cocoa beans are not considered a tree nut. However they do comefrom trees. The actual tree nut is the Cacao tree nut whichcontains the actual cocoa beans.

What does Jack symbolize in the novel Lord of the Flies?

in lord of the flies jack reprisents all good things and Jack reprisents all evil This answer is false Jack represents all things barbaric and chaotic. Simon represents all things good and godlike.

What are two symbols in the novel Milkweed?

There are a couple of symbols in this book. Like the milkweed symbolizing happiness through the grieving time of the holocaust. Misha looks to this plant as happiness. Then there are angels. Looked to as hope. Something that is always with you. ~Asha

What did the tree symbolize in To Kill a Mockingbird?

The tree in To kill a Mockingbird mainly represents "Boo" and his relationship with the outside world. "Boo" has no other way to communicate with anyone in Maycomb. When the Jem and Scout find out the "Boo's" brother filled the whole of the tree with cement, he tells them that the tree is dying. W ( Full Answer )

What is the symbolism of an apple tree?

I can answer part of your question for you. The apple itself is a symbol of life and the promise of life. Slice an apple along the equator, and you will find a pentagram containing the seeds. This is the Goddess' promise that come the spring, the orchards shall grow once more.

What does the Jesse tree symbolize?

Jesse tree doesn't symbolize anything, it is a graphic depiction of the family tree of Our Blessed Lord who descended from Jesse, the father of King David. from Wikipedia article on "Jesse Tree": . The Tree of Jesse is a depiction in art of the ancestors of Christ, shown in a tree which rises ( Full Answer )

Which tree grows cocoa beans?

Cocoa beans grow on the cacao tree [ Theobroma cacao ]. The tree favors warm wet environments of Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. It's thought that the tree is native to the Amazon Basin.

What is the symbol for trees?

Landscaping plans show deciduous trees as a double rough circle (the approx. circumference of the canopy of the mature tree) and a small circle (placed where the trunk of the tree appears in the landscape) sometimes with stylised branches, and conifers as a multi-armed star (approx. the size of the ( Full Answer )

What tree are cocoa beans from?

The Cocoa Tree! The fruits of the cocoa tree are oval-shaped pods, 8 to 14 inches long, ranging in colour from yellow or green to red or violet and containing the cocoa beans. See www.cocoatree.org

What is the name of the tree that makes coco beans?

well first coaco isn't acyually how it was supposed to be spekt though some one wrote it wrong and it got passed on like that! its suposed to be caoco I know mad right?! but im not really answering your question i don't know really :) coaco (caoca tree) ???? :D !!! cya!!!!

What is the symbol for tree in Japanese?

There are two symbols for what I have seen.. The most common one is 木 ("ki").. The second one has the same exact prounounciation: 樹 ("ki"), but is rarely used as an individual character. In most cases it's attached to another symbol like 大樹 ("tai-ju", big tree), for example.

What is the symbolism of trees?

Symbols for Divination PLANTS & TREES Ash Tree Victorian Language of Flowers Grandeur -Mountain VLoF Prudence Aspen Tree VLoF Lamentation Bay Tree VLoF Glory Beech Tree VLoF Prosperity Ancient Romans revered the beech tree, as it was sacred to Diana. They carried the wood as a "good- ( Full Answer )

How are the tree and Mr Freeman's name symbolic in the novel Speak?

Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak (1999) walks the reader through a typical year as a high schooler. The narrator, Melinda, experiences the brutal side of adolescence, including the ever-present cliques, bullies, and petty fights. By using powerful symbols Anderson brings this novel to life. The image ( Full Answer )

Where is symbolism used in the novel A Separate Peace?

One pair of symbols can be found in two rivers that flow through the school: the Devon and the Naguamsett. Gene remembers the freshwater Devon River fondly, for this was the body of water that he and Finny had leaped into many times from the tree. Ironically, after Finny's accident, Gene does not re ( Full Answer )

How do you explain how women were portrayed in The bean Trees?

Step 1: READ The Bean Trees Step 2: Make a list of all the things you read which show things about women Step 3: Decide which of these things can help you show how women are portrayed in the work. Step 4: Make them into complete sentences. . WikiAnswers will not write your paragraph for you, but ( Full Answer )

Does A Tree Symbolize New Being?

It does to some people in some cultures. To others it symbolizes family, faith, and life. The tree is the only living thing that continues to grow throughout it's lifetime. The tree has many symbols to many cultures.

What does the manzanita tree symbolize?

"...the Manzanita tree, a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings, in the traditional Native American mythology." www.archimuse.com/publishing/ichim04/4763_Srinivasan.pdf

Can you smoke catalpa tree beans?

Of course you can smoke it! I have found that the effects are better though if you let the dried beans soak in a bowl with some apple cider vinegar until it evaporates and dries the bean back out. Don't forget to break the bean into 3 or 4 1 1/2 or 2 inch pieces before soaking. Cut it up fine aft ( Full Answer )

When is the usual harvesting of the cocoa bean tree?

Cocao is harvested year round. There is a main harvest that is about 7 months long and is highly weather dependent so stating a given month of the year to begin is almost impossible. There is also a secondary harvest, that again, is about 7 months long, so the two overlap. A cocao pod can ripen at a ( Full Answer )

What symbol is Christian fish in a tree?

Christian fish in the tree symbolises people whom have been baptised (symbolized by the fish) the main rationale here is that one among those who also study religious said that we are like fish if we are baptized because we go underneath the water like fish. So in this we are told that we belong to ( Full Answer )

What does a vanilla bean symbolize?

Vanilla beans are contained in the seed pods of orchids (making it the only fruit bearing member of the orchid family) of the genus Vanilla which was originally native to Mexico. Vanilla planifola, Vanilla tahensis, and Vanilla pompona are the three major variants and are grown around the world i ( Full Answer )

Are pinto beans grown on a tree?

No they are grown just like any other pea or bean. They are grow on a bush like vine & they grow very fast.

What is the meaning of symbol used in the novel?

In literature, symbol is something real representing something abstract. For example: This chair represents my mother because it was her favorite before she died.