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What are the symptoms from a snake bite in dogs?


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I do not know about ALL snakes, but have had recent experience with the bite of the Eastern Diamondback Rattler. My dog (40 lbs) got bit twice on the face- both fangs each time, yep 4 holes. She didn't cry when it happened. Asked to go in house. It was hot, so let her. Thirty minutes later- she was salivating extensively and her face was swollen. Her eyes were strange, almost glassy. She would not come when called. By the time I got her to the vet, my Aussie Cattle Dog looked like a javelina! All the angles of her face were gone. Her entire head was triangular from swelling. The swelling progressed downward through her entire body. The pain they feel is incredible I have been told. Dogs may bite their unsuspecting owners when they pick up the dog. If your baby has these symptoms, for goodness sakes, quit reading and get to the vet! Please do not wait until morning. And yes, $2000 later, with 1 night of doggy ICU, complete with anti-venom and morphine...she made it. I didn't know for about 1 week if she would. It is THAT bad. Good luck, Shasta's Mommy
A venomous snakebite will cause swelling at the bite location within a couple of minutes. The first thing to do if you suspect your dog has been bitten is to feel for a lump and look for two puncture wounds near the lump. Get your dog to the vet immediately!

Other early symptoms may include restlessness, panting, drooling and weakness, followed by possible collapse or seizures. But don't wait this long to seek medical attention.
Swelling and pain the affected area, excess salivation resulting in foaming or slobbering, followed by dehydration, increased anxiety, attempting to lick or bite the affected area, followed shortly by uneven respiration, more swelling and redness. get the dog to emergency treatment immediately.