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For 2 months I've been seeing my period 2 maybe 3 days its real dark then comes out light I feel movement and my bally is getting big I had my tubes tied in 2006 after my twins could I be having a baby

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Q: What are the symptoms of your tubes becoming untied?
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Do you have to have your tubes untied to be a surrogate mother?

No, you do not have to have your tubes untied to become a surrogate. My partner and I, our surrogate has her tubes tied and we used an egg donor for the embryo. They are then transferred into the uterus after they are fertilized.

Can I get my tubes untied on a medical card?

Generally you cannot get your tubes untied using a medical card or Medicaid. This is because it is not a medically necessary procedure.

Is there a place in Oklahoma to get your tubes untied for cheap?

I would like to get my tubes untied is their a place here in oklahoma city where i can go and make an appointment

Can a woman get her tubes untied?

I want to know if mass health will cover getting your tubes untied? I have had my tubes tied for 7 years and I`m thinking about having another baby, so after all these years having my tubes tied would I still be able to have a baby if I get them untied?

Who is the cheapest doctor in Lafayette Louisiana to untie your tubes?

how much does it cost to get my tubes untied

How much does it cost to get your tubes untied in Mississippi?

how much Do it cost to have your tubes until in mississippi

Tubes came untied in 1999 can you have a baby?

yes you can

How do I know if my tubes are untied?

because you are a computer

What symptons do you get when your tubes become untied?

Yes, you get pregnant.

Does medicare cover getting tubes untied or unclamped?


Where can you go in South Africa to have your tubes untied south Africa?

You can go to any Gynecologist in South Africa to make an appointment to get your tubes untied, most probably in a hospital.

Can you have your tubes untied if they have been cut and tied?

Yes you canYou can but it may not work. I have known 3 women whose tubes were tied and when through getting them untied. It didn't work.