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The team colors for the Philadelphia Eagles are currently midnight green, black, silver, and white. Previous color schemes included kelly green instead of midnight green, and yellow and blue for a 75th anniversary game in 2007.

Current team colors of the Philadelphia Eagles are Midnight Green, Black, White and Silver.

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Q: What are the team colors for the Philadelphia Eagles?
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What are the Philadelphia Eagles team color?

the philadelphia eagles team color is green.Nope:The official colors are called Midnight Green with the secondary being silverThe Previous color was Kelly Green

Why were the Philadelphia Eagles' original colors what they were?

They were the colors of the Frankford Yellowjackets, the team the Eagles replaced in the NFL. They aren't technically the same franchise, but they are closely related. The colors themselves come from the city flag of Philadelphia, of which Frankford is a section.

What does the Philadelphia Eagles logo look like?

The Philadelphia Eagles logo is a virtual eagle. The team's colors are midnight green, black, white, silver, and charcoal. They also have an alternate logo, which says Philadelphia Eagles and has the virtual eagle under it.

What are the colors for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Green and Black

Are the Philadelphia Eagles your favorite football team?

Yes I like Philadelphia Eagles football team. The Philadelphia Eagles are a professional American football team. I like their logo and way they play are simply excellent.

How long have the Philadelphia Eagles been a NFL team?

The Philadelphia Eagles were founded in 1933.

Where can one find the Philadelphia Eagles team schedule?

The Philadelphia Eagles team schedule can be found on the Eagles team website. The eagles are working usually monday thru friday. They train hard everyday.

Where is the phillidalpia eagles football team from?


Which team is the best in football?

The Philadelphia Eagles

What colors do the Philadelphia Eagles wear?

green, black, and white

What are the colors of Philadelphia Eagles uniform?

green and white <3

How many super bowls have the Philadelphia eagles won?

the eagles are the best team out there

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