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Q: What are the ten main contraindications for high frequency facials?
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What does a frequency counter do?

A frequency counter is a type of electrical component frequently used by technicians. Its main purpose is to measure high frequencies.

What are the 3 types of contraindications In Massage therapy?

embolism, fevel, lice, and contagious disease would all be absolute contraindications, while strains, sprains, broken bones, and open wounds would be local contraindications.

Need of 33pf caps with crystal?

The main intension is to eleminate high noice frequency which was jenarated by crystal. Regards, Narayana Reddy

Main features of frequency curve?


What is the main function of Variable frequency drive?

Main function of Variable Frequency Drive is to be able to run the AC Induction motors at different speeds (by changing the frequency). The speed is a function of frequency. N - Speed. F - Frequency P - Pole N= ( 120 x F)/ P

The main impact of ozone on life on the Earth's surface is to?

The main impact of ozone is to protect the life on earth against the harmful UV rays. These are high frequency rays causing various damages to the life on earth.

What is equation for current and frequency relation-ship?

There is no such equation. The main reason is that there is no relationship between current and frequency.

Is a high pass filter and a low pass filter the same thing?

Yes, they are both filters. But their frequency characteristics are different. This is the main reason why they are given different names. A high-pass filter passes frequencies higher than its cut-off frequency, and stops those that are lower. A low-pass filter passes frequencies lower than its cut-off frequency, and stops those that are higher.

What occurs whenever a reflected RF signal combines with the main signal?

It produces a high SWR (standing wave ratio) that limits the maximum RF (radio frequency) output.

The main application of tuned voltage amplifier?

As a frequency receiver

How is animal hearing different to human hearing?

Animal hearing is different to human hearing in various ways. The main difference is that animals have a high frequency range as opposed to the human ear.

What are the kinds of cumulative frequency?

The two main kinds are discrete and continuous.