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Q: What are the terminologies in samba ballroom?
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What are two ballroom dances?

Waltz, foxtrot, tango, rumba, samba, cha cha cha, quickstep, military two-step... Earlier ballroom dances included the minuet and the gavotte.

What are some dances that originated in Latin America are taught in North American ballroom dance classes?

Tango, Samba, Rumba.... Quite a few.

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what are the terminologies in folk dance?

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What types of dances are their in ballroom dancing?

Well there are a variety of different dance styles used in ballroom dancing such as :Salsa,Waltz,Foxtrot,Tango,Mambo,Quickstep,Cha cha,Jive,Rumba,Lindy Hop,Paso Doble,Samba,And many more x

Is the foxtrot a latin American dance?

No. The foxtrot is considered a ballroom dance. Latin dances include the samba, cha-cha, rumba, paso doble, and jive. Hope this helped!

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