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It kills brain cells and they are not replaced.

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Glue used to glue a carpet

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Q: What are the tharmful effects of glue sniffing?
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What are the effects of glue sniffing?

It kills brain cells and they are not replaced.

Can you get HIV from sniffing glue?

Probably...WHY are you sniffing glue to begin with!?!?! don't do it kids.

Effects of sniffing glue?

it may lead to dizziness, tiredness, sickness and loss of memory if taken for a long time.

Is sniffing gule in the UK illegal?

The act of sniffing glue is not illegal in the UK but it is illegal to buy or sell glue for such a purpose.

What are some of side effects of sniffing glue to get high?

Losing all your friends, no glue for school projects, being made fun of. sMoKKe a splifff or doob-e

What has the author Eve Merrill written?

Eve Merrill has written: 'Glue-sniffing' -- subject(s): Glue-sniffing, Solvent abuse

Why is sniffing glue so addictive?

Sniffing glue and paint is extremely dangerous, it can cause brain damage and is addictive, never sniff glue especially pritt sticks.

Can glue sniffing cause brain damage?

YES, glue sniffing can definitely cause brain damage.

Why is sniffing glue bad for you?

I think it is a drug

How can you help your son to stop sniffing glue?

You could try to get hold of some pictures of the effects that long term glue sniffing has on a person, and point out all the dangers how it will eventually affect the brain etc. It's a difficult one and I'm sorry you are going throught this. :((

Is glue a hard drug?

yes, and glue sniffing can possibly lead to death

What is sniffing solvents?

Sniffing solvents means inhaling glue vapour, which is very bad for your health.

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