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The obvious answer is Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy), Neviim (the prophetic books), and Ketuvim (the writings). The word Tanach, referring to the entire Hebrew Bible, is the contraction of these three words. You could also divide the text into passages that are halachic -- teaching laws, agaddic -- telling stories, and poetic, and there are, no doubt, other ways of dividing the text

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Q: What are the three division of the Hebrew scripture?
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What are the three major division of the Jewish Scripture?

The three divisions of Jewish scripture are known by the Hebrew acronym Tanakh. (That's 3 letters in Hebrew). The divisions are Torah (pentateuch), Nevi'im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings).

Does the Hebrew Scripture have a scripture worded the love of your youth?

No, it does not.

Where is the sacred scripture written in?


What is the second division of the bible?

The Hebrew Bible (תנ״ך) is divided into three parts. The second division is called the Prophets (נביאים).

Another name for bible?

Hebrew Scripture

Who considers the Hebrew scripture sacred?

Jews and Christians.

What is the first part of the Hebrew Scripture?

Is called the Torah (תורה)

What were the reasons for the division of Hebrew?

The Hebrew language is not divided in any way.

What is the work of a prophet in the Hebrew scripture?

To steer the people back on course.

What is the most sacred part of the Hebrew scripture?

The most sacred part is the Torah, which is the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible.

What is a Hebrew sculptures?

There is no special type of sculpture that is known as a Hebrew sculpture. I wonder if you're confusing the word sculpture with scripture.

Which Hebrew Division would the book of Deuteronomy be under?

Deuteronomy is in the Torah, which is the first division.