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amount of gas, temperature, and volume.

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I would add pressure to that.

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Three main factors affect the viscosity of magma. They are composition, temperature of the magma and the amount of dissolved gases the magma contains.

Solids, liquids and gases.

the amount of zg, volume and temperature

The three factors that affect the rate of dissolving are the particle size, temperature and stirring. :)

There are three factors that affect the rate at which a solid dissolves in water. The three factors that affect the rate are stirring, temperature, and particle size.

Three factors that affect precipitation are, winds, the presence of mountains, and seasonal winds. Hope that helped (:

Three factors that affect the planning process in an organization is lack of team work, communication, and motivation.

the three factors that affect how fast a river flows is the steep ,width and depth and how it is curved

the factors that affect equilibrium systems are pressure, temperature and concentration

List three factors that affect budget resource allocation decisions of managers provide appropriate examples for each of these three factors?

The three factors that affect soil fertility are the commercial fertilizers that add nitrate, potassium, and phosphorus to their soil.

Three factors that affect solubility are temperature, pressure, and the particular properties of the solvent and solute.

Three factors that affect air pressure are temperature, altitude, and water vapor.

1. Polarity 2. Molecular mass 3. Whether or not the molecule is branched.

There are three main factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis. Those factors are temperature, the concentration of carbon dioxide and light intensity.

The factors that affect gas exchange in humans include the amount of gases in the atmosphere. It also includes temperature, atmospheric pressure and ion concentrations.

4 factors that affect reaction rate are Temperature, Stirring, Concentration, and Pressure (only for gases).

Three factors that affect the biodiversity in an ecosystem include area, diversity of niches, and climate. Keystone species also have a large effect.

Describe three factor that affect the rate at which weathering occurs

there are three factors, but i only know 2: pH temperature

Factors that affect biodiversity in an ecosystem inculde area,climate,diversity of niches,and keystone species.

There are three factors influencing register they are: field, mode and tenor.