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brodcasting serves a varirty of functions depending on individual intrest and societal means the main functions are





educating and


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Under my point of view, advertising has three main benefits: Increase of sales, makes an enterprise better known, provides job to the advertiser.

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Watchdog, Gatekeeper, and Scorekeeper

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Q: What are the three major function of advertising?
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What are the three major types of advertising?

Internet, direct mailing, in person

What is the disadvantage of privately owned media?

The major disadvantage is the dependence on advertising revenues to function and make profit.

What are the three major function to be executed at the crime of a scene?

evidence body witnesses

Is internet advertising failing?

Basically the Internet advertising fails because of the three main reasons: 1. Consumer do not trust advertising. 2. Consumer do not want to view your advertising. 3. Consumer does not need advertising. These are the main three factors which is responsible for the failure of the advertising.

What are the function of three major region of a brainstem?

to send messages to the organs to stooge though to remember things

What is a major function of the excretory system?

the major function is food

What major will help one get into advertising?

The major required for advertising will depend which area of advertising you wish to pursue. To work in client management, a degree in Business may be beneficial. For the creative aspect, Communications or Marketing may be beneficial.

How does an advertising computer normally function?

There is no so such thing as an actual advertising computer. The computer has become a very integral tool for advertising, however with the ever growing popularity of cyberspace.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a form of paid advertising that aims to seamlessly blend in with the look, feel, and function of the media format where it appears. These ads are designed to fit "natively" within the web page or platform, often appearing as recommended content or sponsored posts alongside non-paid content. The goal is to create a more contextual and integrated advertising experience for users. Native ads can be found on various websites and social media platforms.

What are the major functions of radio?

Advertising, news broadcasting, and entertainment.

What is a disadvantage of privately owned media?

Dependance on advertising revenues to function and make a profit

What are disadvantages of privately owned media?

dependence on advertising revenues to function and make a profit