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I believe Mario, Pokemon, and (unfortunately) Call of Duty. I'd never get Call of Duty, personally.

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Q: What are the three top video games that kids play?
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What is the percentage of kids who play video games in Noosa?

70% play video games

Do bad kids play video games?

Yes some bad kids do play video games but there are nice kids also.

Why do kids play games?

Because Video Games are Awesome!

What do you call kids that play video games?


Why don't little kids play video games?

Because little kids games suck.

How many kids would rather play video games opposed to reading?

Probably about 75% of kids would rather play video games _____________________________________________________ I play video games alot and im 11, but i like to read, and usuly my mom tells me to stop reading and to go play a video game.

Why kids are not available to play violent video games?

Because they are to small to play violent games

What is the percentage of kids who play violent video games?

61.7 percent of children play shooting and or violent games

Can't kids at all ages play video games?


What is the percentage of kids who don't play video games at all?


Why are video games making kids fat?

Instead of exercising, they just sit there and play their video game.

Do more kids play video game or sport?

In the U.S., video games are played for more person-hours, by kids, than sports are.