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a pencil pen eraser an a paper

You can also write with a word processing program and a computer.

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Q: What are the tools for writing descriptive paragraphs and essays?
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What tools are used in descriptive research?

The tools used in descriptive research are pictures. Captions and headlines in newspapers are also a good source for descriptive research.

How safe is writing tools for students?

Just checked it out, awesome tools definitely helpful for every students out there... Regarding its safety it should be 100% safe since they don't show your essays to the public or display it on the website....The rewriting features should also bypass plagiarism checks.

What are the Tools used in descriptive statistics?

frequency distribution regression analysis measure of central tendency

What are java front end tools?

Tools we used in writing codes that are not visible to the client

What are Egyptian writing tools called?

A papyrus stick.

What tools did people use for braille writing?


How do you show an argument in an essay?

Such an essay is commonly called an argument essay. These type of essays are a part of international exams such as the GMAT. These essays require the author to substantiate his/her stand in favour or against the argument specified with statements supported by examples in a structured manner often leading to a conclusion. One can build skills in such type of essay writing using various resoures avaiable on the internet particularly pertaining to GMAT AWA (Analytical Writing Assignment) section. Also one can use free online essay grading tools such as that available on to analyse their performance and progress in argument essay writing.

What tools did the Mesopotamians use for writing?

MarTanesha LinDay Shikiah

How should I avoid plagiarism in my analytical assignments?

Plagiarism is one of the most terrifying job to avoid while writing assignments, essays, dissertations, and any other type of writing. Most students do not understand how to complete their writing without copying it. Well, it's not so tough if you take care of a few pointers: Mention the name of actual writer or source from where you are writing. Do not use the same language. Use plagiarism detecting tools to check the duplicacy. Get professional help. You can seek expert's assistance also from any online platform which works towards helping students in completing their assignments. In my opinion, you can choose SPSS-Tutor for the best SPSS assignment help. Their experts provide great support in writing original and unique content for your essays.

What are opening tools for a paragraph?

There are no special "opening tools," lists of words, or ways to start writing. Writing is putting your thoughts and feelings down. You don't need any special tools, lists, or words to do this - just start writing!One good tip to get you going is to forget you are writing and just pretend you are talking to a friend. How would you tell your friend about whatever you are supposed to write about?

What were the two tools teacher used to teach reading and writing?


What other tools did the Mesopotamians use for writing?

MarTanesha LinDay Shikiah