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1. Karachi Grammer School

2.Convent of Jesus & Mary School ( for girls) / and (for guys) Bay View Academy

3.Karachi American School & British OverSeas School (pretty expensive and limited so not many ppl go there)

the rest r all ok....... Mama Parsi School, BayView High......Beaken House.

i guess Frobels........

Indus Academy sucks and so does Centre for Avanced studies(CAS)

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karachi grammer school

karachi american school

Bayview Academy



City School

progressive school becon house school,defence

city school defence

city school paf chapter

becon light school

Read more: List_of_top_10_ranking_schools_in_Karachi

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The word "Best" is a relative word, the meaning of which will depend on your own perspective. Some peoplke will consider the length of time a school has been established, in this sense Karachi Grammer School (KGS) is the best. If you look for the sort of contact your child will make for future life, once again KGS wins hands down.

The City School and Beaconhouse School System are run as franchise operations and in my opinion suffer accordingly, where commercial objectives outweigh educational objectives and as such are highly successful commercial ventures.

Other long established schools include St Patrick, Foundation, Lyceum, Froebels, Bay View Academy, CAS, BVHS etc. All in my opinion are run as profit centres and education is almost a byproduct, where as many students as is possible are crammed in to classes.

Some recent additions to the marketplace have won plaudits on how they are run and have smaller class numbers, good facilities, highly trained staff and certainly at present are placing the education of their students ahead of pure commercial gains. Two of these are World Academy and Rhodene Academy, which would be worth consideration.

But like I said, it all depends on how you view the meaning of the word BEST. B.V.S Parsi High School is also a very good school in Karachi.

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They are many schools that are coming in the list of Top Ten Schools of Karachi and many of them have purchased to come no. 1, mostly people think it is important to go to a big name school for the education of their children.

The Top Ten Schools of Karachi are: for 'O' levels

1. Karachi Grammar School (K.G.S)

2. Rhodene Academy - only 8 years old but very Professional

3. British Over Seas (B.O.S)

4. Bayview Academy (B.V.A)

5. St. Paul's English High School Karachi

6. Centre For Advanced Studies (C.A.S)

7. Frobel Education Centre

8. The Learning Tree

9. Bayview High School

10. The International School

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1.avicenna school's convent school


5.D.H.A phase 5

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According to Private schools association,Karachi,Programmer school is the no.1 school in karachi.It's address is C-132 & 133 Sector 11-B North karachi .telephone no. is:36980101

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here is a complete list of schools in karachi and also in some other cities

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The educators

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Q: What are the top 10 school of Karachi?
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Top 10 convent schools in Karachi for boys?

The top 10 Boys' school in Karachi are Center For Advanced Studies, The Indus Academy, Center For Advanced Studies, The International School, Bay view High School, Beacon House School System, Bay view Academy, Habib Public, Springfield and Karachi Grammar School. They are not only the best but prestigious as well.

Top school in Karachi?

The best School is The City School Darakshan Campus

What are top ten school of Karachi 2014?

There are several renowned schools in Karachi. Most of reputed schools are from private sector. Karachi Grammar, St. Patrick's School, Foundation Public School, Mama Parsi Girls School, BVS, Beacon-house School System, The City School, and St. Joseph Convent School are the top names.

Which are the top 10 schools inlahore?

In Lahore: Atchinson school and college, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore Grammar school, Lahore Beaconhouse school system; In Karachi: Karachi Grammar school, Beaconhouse school systems, Mama Parsi Girl's Secondary school, Karachi city school, B V S PARSI school, In Islamabad and Rawalpindi: Roots International school, Froebel's International school, Beaconhouse school systems- Margala; In Quetta: Becanhouse school (juniper), the city school-Quetta, Wilderness school

What are top hundred schools in Karachi?

1 the city school 2 beacon house grammar school 3 Falcon house grammar school 4 army public school 5 Washington d c grammar school 6 London Cambridge school(gulshan campus journalist society) 7 beacon lite academy 8 bahria foundation school 9 Karachi public school 10 S.M public academy these are top ten school of Karachi of this year 2011

What are the Top 10 A level schools in Karachi?

I would personally say that Asma's in DHA and Rhodene Academy (formerly PlayPen) in Clifton are the most professionally run and children orientated Montessori in Karachi. Top 10 Montessori (Prep) Schools in Karachi. 1. Karachi Grammar School (KGS) 2. Rhodene Academy 3. Asma's Montessori 4. Bay View Academy (BVA) 5. Mrs. Haque's Nursery (Haque Academy) 6. Karachi American School (KAS) 7. Froebel Education Centre 8. CAS 9. The Learning Tree 10. Origins

Is lady mariam adamjee girls school in list of top schools in Karachi?


Best A-levels school in Karachi?

Karachi grammer school clifton grammer school

When was Karachi School of Art created?

Karachi School of Art was created in 1964.

When was Springfield School Karachi created?

Springfield School Karachi was created in 1966.

When was Karachi Grammar School created?

Karachi Grammar School was created in 1847.

When was Karachi American School created?

Karachi American School was created in 1953.