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Q: What are the top 12 Olympic events in order of popularity?
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What are the Olympic colors in order?

blue,black, yellow green.....bottom

What colour order do the Olympic rings go in?

The first line on the top of the olympic rins is blue, black and red then the bottom line is yellow then green. The order of them is blue, yellow, black, green and red.

What is the order of the Olympic Rings?

From left to right: Top: blue, black, red Bottom: yellow, green

Who was the top winner of last olympic?

Michael Phelps of the US was the top winner at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, winning a record 8 gold medals at a single Games in various swimming events.

Is Big Time Rush the least watched Nickelodeon show?

No. If you look on their main website, they have them in popularity order I think, (Spongebob being at top)

What are the top three Olympic countries?

Top three countries in the Summer Olympics have been the United States, Russia, and China in that order. Germany has also fared well and placed in the top three in the past.

How do you try out for swimming in Olympics 2012?

If you are in the United States then first you must be a registered USA Swimming member. Then you must make a qualifying Olympic Trials cut. After that, if you finish in the top 2 at Trials ( for most events) you will be selected to be on the 2012 Olympic Team:)

How many Olympic Rings are there and what are their colors in order from left to right?

There are five Olympic rings, displayed as three on top, two underneath, and all interlock. Their colors: Top row, left to right are blue, black and red, bottom row, left to right are yellow and green.

Who are the top 5 British Olympic gold medal winners?

The top five olympic gold medal winners are Dominic Culyer because he is amazing

Why did some of the olympic show jumping horses wear little caps over their ears and the very top of their head?

they help to block the sounds at big events that might distract the horse

Do you have to use PlayStation move for all the events in London 2012 olympic games in ps3?

No because on the top of the game cover it says playstation move compatible not playstation move required.

What are the names of the top 20 male olympic runners?

give me a name of a woman olympic runner

When was girls soccer added in Olympics?

Women's football was added to the official Olympic programme in 1996. Women's football is gaining in popularity, though the strength, aggression and speed required in top class football make it a challenging game for women.

What countries do good in olympic swimming?

Australia, America and most European are top contenders in Olympic Swimming.

What is the area of the top of the long jump pit?

On average the Olympic pit is 24.75m2 on the top.

How can you get in to the Olympics?

You have to go to the olympic trials and be a top competitor.

Who are the top 10 Olympic snowboarders of the world?


Was the titanic top speed?

The top speed for the Olympic-Class vessels was probably about 23 knots.

When are the olympic swimmers picked for 2012?

they're picked ath the 2012 Us olympic trials. The top 2 finishers in each event except the 100 and 200 free (the top four-six are chosen) earn a spot on the olympic team

What is the color middle ring on the top of the Olympic flag?


What olympic event do the competitors wear a top hat?


How can you enter the Olympic swims?

Anyone who has an Olympic Trial cut off can go to the olympic trials, however, the top 2 finishers in the finals are the ones who go to the olympics.

What is the popularity position of mammooty in Malayalam film?

among the top 3 or 5 actors

What are the top ten most popular kitten names?

Kitten names do not have proper popularity listings :(

What styles of horseback riding have ever been in the Olympics?

Dressage, Show Jumping, and Cross Country are the styles of horseback riding but there may or may not have been some western riding in there... Answer2: Currently only Dressage, Show Jumping, and Eventing are Olympic sports. In the past the high jump (puissance) and long jump were included, but these events were dropped in favor of the top three events. In the ancient Olympic chariot racing was involved, but this is also no longer included. Western riding has never been an Olympic sport and attempts to have sports like reining included have been turned down multiple times by the Olympic committee.