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What are the transcendentalists views on work and worldly success?

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September 04, 2014 3:41AM

Transcendentalists view work as important, and worldly success as philosophically significant. That success can be achive with hard work.

Success can be measured via physical or spiritual achievements.

Transcendentalists are Transcendologists who explores the possibility of spiritual transcendence. Its goal is to determine if the energy in our spirit dies with our body upon our physical demise or if it can pass into another dimension; a collective, an existence that has been called God by mankind. Is our spirit capable of receiving inspiration therefrom and can it establish lines of communication with this other dimension, as claimed by Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, etc.; prophets who established monotheistic religions? Upon our physical demise, can our spirit enter into a spiritual realm to be united with this spiritual collective, this government that guides the development of our universe like a master planner? Could this be a collective that consists of all of the knowledge that has ever existed in the universe? Is the purpose of our life to gather experiences that will add to the progressiveness of this collective?