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Two major battles are widely regarded as turning points. In the European Theater - The Battle of Stalingrad. In the Pacific Theater - The Battle of Midway.

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Q: What are the turing points for the world war 2?
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What was the turing point of the war in the pacific during World War 2?

The Battle of Midway .

Who are two people that created computers for world war 2?

Alan Turing and Tommy Flowers

Was the hollicost a turing point in World War 2?


Who broke codes to help his country win World War 2?

Englishman Alan Turing was one.

Who was the computer scientist who decoded complex Nazi codes during World War 2?

Alan Turing

Why was Normandy a turing point of World War 2?

The D-Day landings marked the reversal of a Nazi Germany controlled Europe .

Can the battle of Britain be considered a turing point in world war 2?

Yes, definitely. It prevented the German proposed seaborne invasion of England.

What is the name of the gay British scientist that decoded enemy codes during World War 2 and later committed suicide?

Alan Turing

Who developed a computer to break codes during world war 2?

Alan Turing. He broke the German enigma code machine around 1941.

What were the major tuning points of world war 2?


What were the good points of World War 2?

they would be safer in the countryside

Why was the d-day invasion such a key turing point in world war 2?

The Operation Overlord invasion marked the eventual ending of Nazi occupied Europe .