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Extreme high tide and Zero tide

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Q: What are the two boundaries of intertidal zones?
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What are the ocean zones of a marine ecosystem from the shallowest to the deepest?

There are two major ocean zones, Pelagic and Benthic zones. The Pelagic zone is the open ocean and the Benthic zone is the ocean bottom.

How many zones is the world divided?

4 the spray zone the upper intertidal zone the mid intertidal zone the lower intertidal zone

What are the intertidal and neritic and open-ocean zones?

Polar and temperature

Zonation occurs in the ocean zone called the?

Zonation occurs in the ocean zone called the intertidal. Zonation is the distribution of organisms in biogeographic zones. It is also the arrangement or formation in zones.

Is intertidal zones the least stable of ocean zones?

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Where does the startfish live?

Usually in tropical Pacific oceans. They live in intertidal zones.

What are the three life zones of Marine Biomes?

There are four major zones of the open ocean biomes, which are grouped as such: the intertidal zone, the pelagic zone, the benthic zone and the abyssal zone. The environments found in each vary greatly, and they play host to a diverse population of ocean flora and fauna.

What are the life zones of the ocean?

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Organisms living in intertidal zones have structural adatations that protect them from?

Wave action Your Welcome :)

What types of boundaries do subduction zones occur?

Convergent Boundaries!

Do Transition zones mark the places where geographic realms meet?

True where geographic realms meet tranistion zones, not sharp boundaries

What types of boundaries do subduction zones form?

This forms on the plate tectonic boundaries.... particularly the convergent plate boundries.