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Q: What are the two forces that a gannet uses to dive?
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What is a two tank dive?

A dive that requires two tanks of air to complete

What are the uses for an electroscope?

The electroscope is an instrument for detecting an electric charge by measuring mechanical forces between two charged bodies.

What is a dive bar?

A really nasty place. The whole term is "two-bit, sleazy dive."

What is a opposing forces chart?

A chart that uses opposing forces to describe a situation with two or more factors. Commonly showing parallel arrows with arrowheads in opposite directions.-------LOVE--------->

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What is a two-tank dive?

diver's short name or code for your 'average' dive trip on a dive boat - 2 dives, each separated by an approximate 1 hour SIT (Surface Interval Time), usually on 2 different dive spots.

When the sum of two opposing forces is zero?

The forces are balanced when the sum of two opposing forces is zero.

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Are the two forces balanced or unbalanced?

What two forces? If two forces go in opposite directions, and have the same magnitude, they will be balanced. Otherwise they wont'.