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Q: What are the two kinds of monsoon?
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What is the two types of monsoon?

According to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, the country experiences two kinds of monsoons—the northeast monsoon and the southwest monsoon. The northeast monsoon, commonly called amihan, affects eastern Philippines from October to late March.

What is the different kinds of monsoons in the Philippines?

the different kinds of monsoons in the philippines are northeast monsoon, southwest monsoon and the trade winds

What kinds of weather would you find in India?

monsoon weather

What are the kinds of winds system?

1.)Trade Winds Northeast Monsoon Oct.-Feb. Southwest Monsoon June-Sept.

How many syllables in the word monsoon?

Monsoon has two syllables. Mon-soon

How long is a monsoon?

Monsoon season can be different depending on where you live. The average monsoon season is between two and three months.

What are the two different monsoon seasons?

The southeast and northeast winds

What is the weather like in Vietnam?

Vietnam's climate is dictated by two monsoon seasons -- the southwest monsoon from March or April to September and the northeast monsoon from October to late March or early April. Leandra Kramer

What are the 3 seasons of India?

There are four main seasons in India. We have local names for the seasons:Winter is called shishir;Summer is greeshm;Monsoon is varsha, andPost-monsoon is sharad.Winter from December to February; summer or pre monsoon season from March to may; monsoon season from June to September and post ûmonsoon season in October and November. Monsoon is the longest season with a duration of four months while post monsoon is the shortest with a duration of only two months. The remaining two seasons are of three months each.Source:

When is monsoon season in Malaysia?

There are two monsoon seasons: the southwest (late May to September) and the northwest (November to March)

What two seasons affect south Asia?

monsoon acid rain

Why monsoons are highly pulsating in nature?

The monsoon winds are pulsating in nature as they are affected by different kinds of atmospheric conditions encountered by it on the way from tropical seasThe duration of monsoon is between 100 to 120 days from early June to mid - September