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Nicolea and Nicole's.

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Q: What are the two kinds of precipitation?
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What are two kinds of precipitation?

a biome is a

What are 2 kinds of precipitation?

rain and snow

What kinds of ecosystems occur in areas of high precipitation?

Rain forests and heavy soil erosion are the kinds of ecosystems that occur in the areas of high precipitation.

Kinds of precipitation?

hail rain snow sleet

What are three kinds of precipitation?

Rain, snow and hail.

What are some kinds of precipitation?

rain,sleet,snow,and hail

What kinds of ecosystems occur in areas of high and low precipitation?


What kinds of precipitation are rarely seen in Florida?

Snow, hail, and sleet.

Precipitation is measured by a?

Precipitation is most commonly measured with a rain gauge and there are also several different kinds of rain gauges as well.

What are the four kinds of precipitation come from clouds?

Snow,rain,sleet,and hail.

Name two kinds of reactions that are not redox reactions?

Acid Base Displacement Combustion Decomposition Precipitation Addition Substitution Hydration Halogenation Hydrohalogenation Hydrogenation etc...

What two main factors influence precipitation?

the region, and the relative humidity in the area are the two main factors of precipitation

Name five kinds of Precipitation?

Rain, Freezing Rain, Hail, Snow, sleet

What are the kinds of winds?

squall (a sudden violent wind; often accompanied by precipitation)hhjhjvh

What are the three kinds of information found on a weather map?

Temperature Precipitation Wind speed

Say New York has a visibility of 500ft what kinds of weather conditions do they have there?

Fog, or precipitation.

What are two examples of precipitation?

A type of precipitation that occurs in warm temperatures is rain.A type of precipitation that occurs in cold temperatures is snow.

WHAT are the two kinds of variable?

what are the two kinds of variable

A type of precipitation?

Rain is a type of precipitation. Precipitation can also fall in two phases, either liquid or solid. Other examples of precipitation include: snow, hail and sleet.

Name as many kinds of precipitation as you can?

Rain, snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain, graupel

What are the different kinds of separating mixture?

we can separate mixture by filtration,distillation,evaporation,precipitation and magnetization

What is the kinds of precipitation are in a marine biome?

I am trying to figure that out too let me know when you figure out the awnser.

What are two acids in acid precipitation?

Sulfur and Nitrogen are both acids found in acid precipitation.

A precipitation reaction is a reaction between two aqueous?

A precipitation reaction contains two aqueous reactants, one aqueous product, and one solid product. A precipitation reaction will produce an insoluble product.

What are the two kinds of ecosystem?

differentiate the two kinds of an ecosystem