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Interpolation & extrapolation

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Q: What are the two kinds of prediction in science?
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What are the two kinds of subtances in science?

There are more than two kinds of substances.

When applying the process of science which one is tested?

a prediction

What are the kinds of prediction?

Interpolation and Extrapolation

How do you do a simple science experiment?

You have different kinds of methods for doing the a simple experiment in science. You need a prediction materials Observation Procedure and hypothesis for the experiment you do. 1st you make a prediction gather all the materials for your experiment and you start follow the experiment and last but not the least you have to check your hypothesis and prove it.........

What are the 2 kinds of natural science?

There are two kinds of natural science. They are biology and chemistry. Sub branches include astronomy, physics, and earth science.

What are the release dates for The Science of Weather Prediction - 1918?

The Science of Weather Prediction - 1918 was released on: USA: 10 June 1918

A testable prediction used to solve science problems is a?


What is a claim for science?

A scientific claim is, basically, a prediction of an experiment's outcome.

What are the 2 kinds of science?

The two types (branches) of science are social science (anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc.) and natural science (physics, biology, physiology, astronomy, etc.)

What is the definition of prediciton when used as a science concept?

Prediction has no special or different meaning for scientists. If what you say is going to happen happens then you are skilled at prediction.

What are the types of science keywords?

I know Two Of them!! Magnet:Attracts diffrent kinds of metal!! Iron:Dunno what it does sorry!!

What are two kinds of specialists in life science?

plant specialist, animal specialist, and a disease specialist