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Magnets have two poles north and south.

Like poles repel and unlike poles attract.

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Q: What are the two main properties of magnets?
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Are there 2 or 3 properties of magnets?

There are 2 properties of magnets.

What are 3 properties of magnets?

I learnt in school, there are only two properties of magnet, they are:-1) Attraction2) RepulsionI am in middle school and have learned 3.2 poles North and southMagnetic force (attraction or repulsion)The two poles of the magnets are indivisible.The broken magnets act as independent magnets and posses two poles each .It concludes that magnets are always bipolar.

How do magnets lose their magnetic properties?

Magnets lose their magnetic properties if they are droped down from a height and when they are heated.

Breaking a magnet will destroy the magnets magnetic properties. True or false?

False. You'll have two magnets with each a north and a south pole.

What is a properties and interactions of magnets?


What are the properties of magnets?

Opposite poles of magnets attract each other while like poles repel. So... North is attracted to South but two Norths repeal and two Souths repel. Magnets are also attracted to magnetic substances such as Iron and Nickel. Basically, magnets have two poles, they come in various shapes and attract/repel other magnets.

What magnets are made from materials which retain their magnetic properties for a long time?

Permanent magnets.

What kind magnets are made from materials which retain their magnetic properties for a long time?

Permanent magnets.

What kind of magnets are made from materials which retain their magnetic properties for a long time?

They are permanent magnets.

What are temporary magnets?

they have magnetic properties that weaken with time.

What are the general properties of magnets?

Have north and south poles

What are the 4 properties of magnets?

magnitisam X4 in the bush

What happens to magnets when they are heated?

if magnets are heated in temperatures above 760 c they lose their magnetic properties

What are two properties of salt?

The two main properties of salt are being soluble in water and being made of at least two elements. Salt is not a pure substance due to these properties.

What are the 5 properties of magnets?

repel force, attraction force,

How are temperary magnets different from permanet magnets?

Permanent magnets, such as magnetite or rare-earth elements, retain their magnetic properties perpetually, while temporary magnets exhibit magnetic properties only when affected by a magnetic field produced by an electric current or another permanent magnet.

Do simple magnets have two poles?

all magnets have two poles

What two main chemical properties does matter have?

i believe it is mass and volume. :)

What are 5 different properties of magnets?

PROPERTIES OF MAGNET1. Magnets attract objects of iron, cobalt and nickel.2. The force of attraction of a magnet is greater at its poles than in the middle.3. Like poles of two magnets repel each other.4. Opposite poles of two magnets attracts each other.5. If a bar magnet is suspended by a thread and if it is free to rotate, its South Pole will move towards the North Pole of the earth and vice versa.

What do all magnets contain?

All magnets are made out of either of 3 metals which have magnetic properties, iron, nickel or cobalt.

Objects that keep their magnetic properties for a long time?

permanent magnets.

What household objects have magnets in?

Two household objects that have magnets are: fridge magnets, and sizzlers

What is the main metal that is attracted to magnets?


What is the main metal attracted to magnets?


What are the names of the two main gropes of plastics?

By properties they are Thermosetting plastics and Thermoplastics