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Lytic cycle and lysogenic cycle

The difference is that in lytic cycle, the virus kills the cell immediately.


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The main categories of reproduction are sexual and asexual. Two types of reproduction are asexual and sexual reproduction.

The two types of cell reproduction is meosis and mitosis.

the viral reproduction is a virus that can't be stoped

The Sexual Reproduction, The Asexual Reproduction

sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction

Conjugation and fertilization are two types of sexual reproduction.The three types of Asexual Reproduction are fission, fragmentation, and regeneration.

Viral & bacterial.

the two basic types of diseases are viral and bacterial

types of asexual reproduction: -Binary fission -budding -vegetative reproduction -spore formation

The types are two - sexual and asexual.

what are the three types of asexual reproduction? AnswerConjugation and fertilization are two

There are two types of reproduction. asexual and sexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction is the reproduction with only one parent. sexual reproduction is reproduction with two parents.

vival reproduction has to happen in girls vagina

Cell lysis occurs under several 'natural conditions'; viral reproduction is just one of them.

sex is not goodbut i like to do sextypes of asexual reproduction:-Binary fission-budding-vegetative reproduction-spore formation

Two types of asexual reproduction are Budding and Binary Fission. There are also other types of asexual reproduction such as Fragmentation, Sporulation, Regeneration, and Vegetative Propagation.

There are two types of infections bacterial and viral. Viral infections are hard to treat, because they are inside the blood cells.

The types of reproduction are sexual and asexual. Sexual reproduction requires the involvement of two individuals of the opposite sex. Asexual reproduction is when an individual can reproduce without the involvement of another individual.

it is conjugation and fertilization

These are two examples of asexual reproduction

Reproduction is a process of producing more of one's own kind. The main two types of reproduction are sexual and asexual.

The two types of reproductions are fission and mitosis.

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