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What are the two ways a person can double dribble?

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a person can try to dribble the ball with two hands or can dribble then pick up their dribble and then dribble again

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What are the two double-dribble rules in basketball?

There are 2 ways to double dribble. One way to double dribble is to dribble the ball pick it up and start dribbling again. The other way is to dribble with both hands at once.

What are the two types of double dribbles in basketball?

The first Double Dribble is when you start dribbling and then stop, and then start dribbling again. The second double dribble is when you dribble the ball simultaneously with both hands and when you dribble from right to left every dribble.

What is the definiton of a double dribble?

when a player has double digits in any two of the following categories -points -rebounds -assists -blocks -steals when the have double digits in 3 categories, it is a triple double, 4 categories is a quadruple double, etc Actually what the other person was explaining was a double-double. A double dribble is when you put bothe hands on the basketball and then dribble.

In basketball what does double dribble mean?

When you dribble the ball, stop and hold it, then continue dribbling. Or when u dribble the ball with two hands :)

What call is made if a basketball player dribbles with two hands?

Double Dribble.

What is it called if you dribble the ball with two hands?

If you take 1 strong dribble with 2 hands; normally to get to the basket or position yourself - that's a power dribble. On the other hand if you do it more than once it is a double dribble which is a violation and will result in a turnover

What violation is committed in basketball if you bounce the ball using two hands?

A double dribble

What is it called when you dribble with two hands?

Power Dribble.

If a player deliberately gains control of a ball by slapping it with both hands in a downward motion is this classed as double dribble given that both hands touched the ball simulataneously?

Nope, because like u said THEY ARE GAINING CONTROL. It's only once u already have control and are already dribbling the ball, that it's considered double dribble. U have to already had dribble the ball at least once, before touching it with two hands, in order to be called for double dribble.

What is the best way to control a basketball?

to dribble two balls or dribble around objects.

How many syllables are in the word dribble?

The word dribble has two syllables, drib ble.

What are two ways a person can be taken into custody?

Arrest and arrest warrants are two ways that a person can be taken into custody.

What is it when a player dribbles the basketball with two hands at the same time?

This would be called a double dribble, and the opposing team would get possession of the ball

What is it called when a player uses two hands to bounce the ball in basketball?

It is a double dribble if you are dribbling it, but if you are passing it it's called a bounce pass.

How does traveling occur during a basketball game?

Traveling occurs when you or another player has the basketball and you take more than two steps without dribbling! Also if you jump up with the ball and then come down with the ball still in your hands it is Called a travel as well. If you are going for a layup you may take two steps! Also if you have the ball and you dribble and then pick up your dribble and then dribble again it is called double- dribble and is almost the same thing as traveling! If any of this happens the ball goes to the other team! Hope this helps!

What is a double flute?

that's a flute that has two ways of sound

What is a good dribbling drill in basketball?

two ball dribble.

Can you dribble with two hands at the same time?

No, thats traveling.

What are two ways a person can be convicted of treason?

A confession or two witnesses

What do you mean double graduate?

Double Graduate is a person who have recieved two degrees in different extremes. e.g a person who have done BBA and B.ed will be holding two degrees and will be called a double graduate.

What two ways can HIV be transmitted?

Two ways to transmit HIV from an infected person are unprotected sex and sharing a needle.

What is it called when a player bounces a ball with two hands in basketball?

A double dribble. This rule could also be called if a player dribbles the ball, picks the ball up, and dribbles again.

How is nitrogen used in two ways?

double or tripple bonded, dynamite or cyanide

What does lead a double life mean?

It means that they acted in two different ways depending on the situation; they were one kind of person in one situation and a different kind of person in another, and each "life" was hidden from the people in the other situation.

What are two sports-related definitions for dribble?

The word "dribble" is used most commonly to describe a basketball player bouncing the ball. In addition to this, in football (soccer), the word "dribble" can describe how a player continuously taps the ball with their feet while running with it up the field.