HDTV (High-Definition Television) is a new type of television that offers better resolution than a standard analog television. The different types of HDTV displays include plasma, direct-view, front screen and rear screen projection.

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Digital Television

How do you know balance in airtel digital tv?

SMS bal to 54325 from the Registerered Mobile Number that you gave during installation.

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Who has the best package deal on tires?

Depends on application: off-road, touring, mud & sleet, snow, etc.: America's Tire, or Discount Tires

Why? Because the replacement warranty and availability is one of the best if not theee best. Just 1 person's opinion who use to work in the auto industry & owned many different vehicles from small cars to off-road 4WDs. Good luck!

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Who manufactures Insignia televisions?

Insignia is Best Buys in-store brand. Best Buy actually contracts different manufacturers to produce the different products sold under this name. Even narrowing the scope down to Televisions, some might be produced by one company, others by a different company.

Insignia is made up of all LG parts. best buy purchases them from LG, everything inside of an insignia tv is "last years" lg internals

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Nintendo Wii

How do you set wii up to LED tv?

The Wii operates in standard definition so the cables that are supplied with it should work. Most modern televisions have RCA (or phono) connectors for audio and composite video. The standard Wii connector should connect to one of these sets of connectors.

In Europe, televisions may have a scart connector instead of phono sockets. In this case, a scart adaptor may be needed to make the final connection.

Cable Television

What is the correct frequency for a 1080p blu ray player?

The television frame or field frequency will vary according to the content. It is the content that defines the frequency and not the hardware it plays on.

In Europe, the field rate for 1080i signals is 50Hz with the frame rate at 25Hz. For 1080p, the frame and field rate are normally both 50Hz

In North America, the rates are 30Hz and 60Hz respectively.

There are some other rates that might rarely be seen. Commercial film production uses a frame rate of 24Hz and sometimes video conversions will capture at a 24Hz frame rate. For an HD capture, the full description will be 1080p, 24. Similarly, in Europe, film is often converted to video at 25 frames per second by increasing the playback speed of the film. The resulting video can then be 1080p, 25.

Many Bluray and DVD players will simply output the video at the frame rate that is stored on disc rather than converting it to different rates.

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What is AV IN port on a GPS Navagator?

Your can go to http://www.lweshop.com/ , the website have more artice about av in gps.

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Who makes LCD LED screens?

sony japan make the first led television in world

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Does Samsung make Fluid TVs?

The Source manager thought so , but it is Toshiba remote codes that mostly worked with mine.

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Type of Analog Modulation used for Sound in TV?

In standard analog NTSC (North American) TV, the aural carrier is placed 4.5 MHz above the

vestigial visual carrier ... which I think corresponds to 0.75 MHz from the top edge of the RF

channel but I'm not sure now.

The aural carrier is plain old FM modulated, exactly like the familiar FM radio at 88 - 108 MHz,

except that its peak deviation is 25 KHz instead of 75 KHz ... or about 9.5 dB less audio out of

an identical detector.

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How can you improve your strength?

Here are a variety of opinions:

  • You can improve strength through correct diet and exercises. Your diet should have lots of protein in it, if you work out hard, so your body will get enough energy to grow muscles. Make sure all your muscle groups get enough exercise (because, for example, when you only train your abs and pecs and you ignore back muscles, you can get bad back pain).
  • Lifting weights regularly and healthy eating will increase your strength and build lean muscle. Try squats and dead lifts and eat foods with plenty of protein.
  • Do weight training no more than three times per week.
  • Yes, the best overall approach to build lean muscle (or to build muscle and burn fat) involves three components:
  1. Strength/Weight Training
  2. Eating correctly, correct feeding frequency, sufficient protein
  3. Cardio exercise (if you also need to burn fat.
  • In my opinion, don't strength train more than 3 times a day. To gain pure strength its not about muscle gain its about neuromuscular coordination, meaning more muscle fibers are recruited and your muscles become more efficient in the lift. To do this you will want to lift heavy heavy weights, the most you can lift for 1-5 reps, if you can do more than 5 reps, your weight is too light. Tempo is another important factor in gaining strength. You should vary your tempo fairly frequently as well as changing your workouts every few weeks. The most common tempo is 30X0 which is a 3 second lowering or eccentric phase with no pauses at the top or bottom and as fast as you can in the lifting or concentric phase. Isometric holds can be added at points of weakness to improve in those areas, but isometrics are only applicable in a 15 degree range on either side of the position they are held.
  • For in-depth information about how to build muscle and improve strength, and for the free programs and plans to show you how to do it, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.


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Computer Monitors

Why do LCD TV's get hot when they're on?

The LCDs that compose the front panel of the TV don't emit light but affect the amount and colour of transmitted light, so there has to be a light source to shine through them. With most LCD TVs this is a bank of fluorescent tubes behind the screen. Though fluorescent tubes don't generate as much heat as, for example, filament light bulbs, there is always some heat produced, and this is what makes the TV hot.

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Television and Video

Why do I still get analog tv?

A few LOW POWER stations were allowed to stay analog for a while based on their power and economic condition.

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Where are Samsung TV's manufactured?

Factories approved and licensed by Samsung probably in china

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Can you use a HD cable box with a regular TV?

Yes , you just have to change the settings to 480p definition.

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How you can repair led tv display?

Sadly, the days of doing home repairs to a television are well and truly over. Modern televisions use production processes that make them very difficult to repair and their software based operation makes them impossible to diagnose unless you have access to some very specialist and expensive test equipment.

The only practical way to get any modern television repaired is to return it to a repair center.

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Computer Monitors

What vdoes LCD means in LCD Projector?

LCD = Liquid Crystal Display

  1. How a LCD Projector Creates The Image
  2. To create the image, red, blue, and green light must be shown through their respective LCD screens, then brought together in a prism to form an image. This is done with the use of mirrors. As the light propagates from the metal halide lamp, it is shown through a dichroic mirror. This mirror only lets the red light through it but reflects the rest of the light. The rest of this light goes through another dichroic mirror that only lets the blue light through but reflects the green light. Hence, the red light is shown through a mirror and reflected into its LCD screen while the green light is reflected into its LCD screen. Then, the remaining blue light that passed through the second dichroic mirror is reflected a couple times into its LCD screen. Finally, the three colors are filtered by the gray scale images on the LCD screens to form the desired image, overlapped by the prism and projected onto a screen.
Consumer Electronics

What is the difference between HDMI 2x 3x 4x 5x etc?

2x, 3x, 4x etc. is the number of HDMI ports.

I got the followin from HDMI.ORG

HDMI is the global standard for connecting high-definition Consumer Electronics and PC products. It's the uncompressed, all-digital interface that delivers both dazzling quality and unmatched ease of use.

HDMI technology provides the highest possible signal to meet the needs of today's - and tomorrow's - HD entertainment systems. With a single cable, it transmits:

  • digital video
  • multi-channel surround sound
  • advanced control data

More than 800 manufacturers have adopted the HDMI standard, including some of the world's most trusted brands.

  • 229 million HDMI-enabled devices shipped in 2008. 300 million are more projected in 2009.
  • Market research from In-Stat projects over a billion HDMI devices in the market by 2010, when every new digital TV will feature at least one HDMI port

HDMI connectivity is already standard on a wide range of products:

  • HDTVs
  • Blu-ray Disc players
  • multimedia PCs
  • gaming systems
  • digital camcorders, and more.

With HDMI connectivity, you get it all. The convenience of a one-cable solution, plus the power and performance of a high-speed digital link. Now and in the future, it's the best way to connect HD.

DVD Players

Why can you only play RuneScape in HD now?

Go to options on the log in page and you can choose Min, Low, Mid, High, Custom and under Custom you can choose Safe mode, Software, OpenGL®, DirectX®.

Min or Low should take you out of HD but safe mode is the lowest graphics you can go on the game.

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Can any analog signal be converted to digital?

yes of course we can convert an analog signal to digital...

the device which converts analog to digital is called ADC{ANALOD TO DIGITAL CONVERTER}..


i will tell you how.

let us suppose we are having any analog signal,

so we find the maximum amplitude of that signal by looking at the curve.

then we find the minimum amplitude of that signal.

thus we are now having the full range of the signal between which its value remains..

now let the maximum value is 5 volts and minimum is 0 volts.

so what we do now is that we take any reference point between 0 and 5 volt

let us split 0 -5 volt in two groups

1)0 to 2.5 volt and

2)2.5 to 5 volt

now by the help of programming we set 0 to 2.5 volt as zero and 2.5 votl to 5 volt as 1

so what ever value which will lie between 0 and 0.5 will be converted to 0 and the values between 2.5 and 5 will be converted to 1.

thus we get a digital signal from an analog signal

--------mrityunjay pandey

(kiit university ,b.tech 2nd year)

Cable Television

Does wind affect reception on cable tv?

Very rare. Cable tv runs through a cable that usually travels next to the power lines, or underground depending where you are. The only reason that wind would affect your cable tv is if a power line fell, or a tree fell and broke the cable tv/internet line.

However, because cable service providers obtain most of their programming from satellite and microwave links, service can sometimes be affected by severe weather, especially heavy rain.


Can you watch HD movies on regular tv?

Yes, but they won't be seen in HD.

Television and Video

What is NTSC?

NTSC stands for National Television Systems Committee. It's the set of standards used for TV and video in the U.S. since 1953.

These are mandated standards for televisions sold in the U.S and some other countrys like Japan. They include an aspect ratio of 4:3, 525 horizontal interlaced scan lines, and 29.97 fps (frames per second).

Since NTSC allows the control of the HUE (tint) of the color unlike PAL that does not, many TV engineers used to say that NTSC stood for "Never Twice Same Color"

Cable Television

What is a VGA to RCA converter box?

A VGA box is a video converter that allows the display of common analog video standards on a VGA computer monitor.

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Television and Video

What is the code for a Hyperion TV?

There is no code for that TV. Here is the tek support number

800 216 5156 good luck

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Why does your husband watch TV all the time?

He may be bored or tired.


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