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They need your support. Explain to them that they need to tell the proper authorities. Let them know that you are there for them. Do not pressure or judge them. Let them talk about it at their own pace. They have went through something tramatic and need a friend and support system.

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Q: What are the typical signs that a child has been sexually abused?
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What signs can sexually abused children exhibit?

may exhibit abnormal sexual behavior in the form of aggressiveness and hyperarousal. Adolescents may display promiscuity, sexual acting out, and--in some situations--homosexual contact.

What are emotional signs of child abuse?

Emotional signs of child abuse are sometimes harder to pick up on than physical signs. Lack of trust and fear of adults, feelings of being unworthy and not being able to control emotions and emotional reactions are typical signs of child abuse.

What won the award for the most detailed answer in 2009?

There isn't a specific award for "Most Detailed Answer", but the 2009 WAmmy for "Answer of the Year" went to JoyceP for her answer to the question, "What are the signs of child abuse and how can you help the abused child to overcome the harm it has caused?"

Which answer won the WAmmy Award in 2009 for 'Answer of the Year'?

WAmmy Award 'Answer of the Year' 2009JoyceP's answer to "What are the signs of child abuse and how can you help the abused child to overcome the harm it has caused?" won her the WAmmy Award for Answer of the Year in 2009. (See Related links for the actual answer.)

What are possible signs a child may be the victim of abuse?

Abuse is typically physical, emotional, or sexual in nature and can include neglect. There are many possible signs that a child may be the victim of varying kinds of abuse, and many of these signs can also be signs that other things are wrong besides abuse. Using lists of possible warning signs should be treated with caution. For example, speaking of sexual abuse only, some of the signs can include:BedwettingEmotional/behavioral changesInappropriately touching other children or adultsKnowledge of sexual acts beyond one's age rangeUsing sexual language beyond one's age rangeBehaving sexually in public (ie, masturbating, undressing)Many of these things can be signs of other issues or problems completely unrelated to being sexually abused, so consulting an expert in the suspected variety of abuse can be helpful.While many signs of abuse, sexual and otherwise, can be signs of other things, you can consult a child advocacy center in your area or find a prevention organization specific to the variety of abuse you are concerned about.Googling, for example, "emotional child abuse advocacy" can find some organizations. For sexual abuse, Stop It Now! can be a great starting point, as can Darkness to Light, state-specific CASA (Coalition Against Sexual Assault/Abuse) organizations, and The Mama Bear Effect can be good resources.

What are the symptoms of a child with a sexually abusive father?

Hi, I hope I can help you. If a child is being sexually abused, obviously, the poor child will not speak up. If you are close to a child who you personally think is being sexually abused, you have to tell the child that they are not alone and that they can tell you anything. But please do NOT jump to conclusions and do NOT say anything unless you are very sure about it. A child who is being sexually abused may act jumpy or a bit frightened. They might like to spend time alone, a sign of depression. They might not to things which an ordinary child does, and they might act or sound weird. Please be sure about what you do and your actions, because remember, this is just advice. If you want to seek more professional advice, get help. Good Luck :) PS: Do NOT jump to conclusions Answer If the child is upset when left with the father or has a hard time readjusting to being back at home, it may be normal behavior to changes in environment. Urinary infections may be caused by inappropriate contact, but that is not the only cause. If the child acts out sexually beyond its age, visit your pediatrician for advice. If possible - without accusations - kept an eye out during visits, particularly if the child is reluctant. No one should have more physical contact than they are comfortable with, even if it is a hug, or sitting on a lap.

How can you tell if someone is not sexually active?

You generally can't. There aren't any visible signs of being sexually active or not being sexually active, unless you see them in the act.

What are the typical signs of pregnancy during its early stages?

In a typical pregnancy, the signs you should watch out to see if you're pregnant or not is nausea and chronic vomiting because these are the basic signs females should watch out for.

Who should a person witnessing signs of abuse or neglect report to and why?

if you see anyone getting abused then you need to find out the name of that person and the person who is abusing that person. then report it to child services. no one should be abused.

What 8 signs or symptoms that might indicate a child is unwell?

signs or symptoms child is unwell

How can you tell if someone has been abused?

If you meet an abused person in the street, there are seldom any obvoius signs of the abuse. Mental attitude to general friendships and to sex may give a clue.

How often should you check for signs of life when performing CPR on a child?

Check for signs of life on a child every 2 minutes.