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See the link below for details about the metric system.

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What four common metric units are used to measure length?

The metric system has many units to measure length. Four common units of measurement are the millimeter, centimeter, meter, and kilometer.

What system of units is used to measure the properties of matter?

In science the International System (SI) of unit is used. This is a metric system.

What metric units are used to measure volume?

The metric unit used to measure volume is the liter.

How are metric units of measurement used in the laboratory?

base on what you measure to use the metric units.

What units can be used to measure volume in the metric system?

grams, liters, milliliter, centimeter, units used to measure liquid. Just make sure its cubed(cm3)

What metric units are used to measure mass?

The SI (International System of Units) base unit for mass is kilogram (kg).

What units are usually used to measure mass?

Metric system: grams (g) American System: pound (lb.)

What term describes the metric system units that are used in scientific data?

SI units describes the metric system units that are used in scientific data.

Metric units of measurement?

Some common metric units of measurement are kilometers, meters, and centimeters. Many of the units used in the metric system are part of the SI international system of units used in the sciences.

What units to measure pressure?

Pascals is the metric unit used to measure pressure. The British system used psi (pounds per square inch).

What units are used in the metric system to measure time?

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc. Same as the English system

What are the units of measure used as the standard measurement?

The world-wide standard is the SI ("International System"), sometimes known as the "metric system" (although "metric system" includes some older systems of units). The SI includes units such as the meter for length, and the kilogram for mass.

Are metric rulers are used to measure length?

Yes, it is just like the system we use except different units.

Can currency be counted as metric units?

No, metric units are used to measure things, such as volume, mass, density, force, etc.

The International System of Units is used in?

It's used for all measurement in most of the world. This is also called the metric system; SI is the French abbreviation for System International - and it's used internationally. The US is the most obvious country that doesn't use metric units for everyday measure, although these units are used in science and medicine among others.

What do milligrams measure?

Grams are the basic units of mass used in the metric system. A milligram is 1/1,000 of a gram, and is used to measure very small amounts of mass.

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