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  • Video processing
  • Photoshop
  • video editing
  • compiling stuff with graphics
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Q: What are the uses of graphics card other than gaming?
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How do I select a video card for my business - not for gaming.?

If its not really for gaming or entertainment, i wouldn't even spend the money on a graphics card. I would go with a low budget integrated graphics chip. But if you are only given the option of getting a graphics card, I would just go with the lest expensive one because a discrete graphics card is already going to be more than you need.

How do you upgrade Graphics Card in Windows Indexing from 3.2 to 5.0 for less than 300 In otherwords I need a graphics card that cuts the 5.0 line?

I reccommend you buying the Nvidia Geforce 9600M 512mb Graphics card that will get it up to 5.0 and it costs about 250-300 dollars, its awesome for gaming too if that's what you want it for, good luck.

Is any dedicated graphics card better than an integrated graphics card?

yes there are and there can be

What is better for gaming 3gb graphics and 8gb ram or 1gb graphics and 16gb ram 3GB Nvidia GeForce GT 555M graphics or 1 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M?

8GB of RAM is extremely enough for playing current heavy games. For mobile gaming notebook, 555m graphics is better than 540m in every aspects. It is because 555m have a higher memory clock rate and it is a class 1 graphic card compared to 540m, class 2 graphic card. Gentle reminder: Gamers, Don't look for graphic memory (GB) of the graphic card when buy notebook. However, please look for the memory clock rate/speed (Mhz) of the graphic card before buy the notebook. Class 1 - Extreme gaming and multimedia Class 2 - Lite gaming and multimedia

Does the ps3 have better graphics than a PC?

Depends on the Graphics card with the PC

Are PS3's graphics better than PSP's graphics?

of COURSE they are! other than the fact that the ps3 is years younger than the psp it has a high def graphics card that hasn't been developed in the psp or any handheld device yet

How do you improve dawn of war 1 graphics?

Turn them on High. Other than that buy a new graphic card.

Video card pulls how many watts?

The number of watts a video card requires depends on the type of card. However, on average, a video card uses wattage than any other component other than the motherboard. A graphics card can use 50 to 75 watts.

What is better for graphics PC or PS3?

No, because the Graphics card in the old Ps3 is bigger than the Ps3 Slim's Graphic card That's the whole idea behind calling something a "Slim", making things smaller and Slimmer, the PS3 Slims GPU, not "Graphic Card" (Were talking about Consoles here, not PC's) is smaller but that doesn't mean a change in graphic performance, not making it better or worse than the Original PS3 (FAT).

What is the advantage of a dedicated graphics card versus a shared graphics card?

having a dedicated makes computer run faster and smoother than haveing a shared card

Can you have more than 1 graphics card in a computer?

yep, but it depends on the type of graphics card, and it needs a connection. eg: ati crossfire

Does Black Ops on PC have better graphics than on Xbox360?

Yes because a PC had a better graphics card than an xbox 360