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There are no uses of infrared detectors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What are examples of motion detectors?

Motion detectors are: infrared detectors, ultrasonic, microwave, radiowave and... dogs.

What has the author Eustace L Dereniak written?

Eustace L. Dereniak has written: 'Detectors and imaging devices' -- subject(s): Optical detectors, Focal planes, Infrared detectors, Congresses, Photon detectors 'Infrared Detectors, Focal Plane Arrays, and Imaging Sensors' 'Geometrical and trigonometric optics' -- subject(s): Geometrical optics, Optical engineering, OverDrive, Mathematics, Nonfiction 'Infrared systems and photoelectronic technology IV' -- subject(s): Focal planes, Image processing, Congresses, Infrared technology, Infrared equipment 'Infrared Detectors and Arrays'

What does a CO2 detector do?

Carbon dioxide detectors are used to identify and to measure carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. These detectors are near infrared detectors or chemical detectors.

What has the author Robert Hildreth Kingston written?

Robert Hildreth Kingston has written: 'Detection of optical and infrared radiation' -- subject(s): Optical detectors, Infrared detectors 'Optical sources, detectors, and systems' -- subject(s): Photonics, Optical detectors, Optical communications, Imaging systems

How do you block infrared detectors?

Glass is known to completely block infrared waves from a detector. Aluminium foil no answer.

Uses of infrared?

what are the manin uses of infrared. in analytical chemistry

What has the author Joseph Caniou written?

Joseph Caniou has written: 'Passive infrared detection' -- subject(s): Infrared detectors

How does infrared detectors work?

I believe infrared detectors measure heat being given off by an object. However since everything gives off heat.. the detectors have to be cooled down to very low temperatures themselves using liquid helium croyogen. Emma D

What has the author Gilbert Gaussorgues written?

Gilbert Gaussorgues has written: 'La thermographie infrarouge' -- subject(s): Infrared detectors, Infrared radiation 'Infrared thermography' -- subject(s): Infrared radiation, Infrared technology, Thermography

Are infrared detectors power sources or switches?

An infrared detector needs a power source to operate and it is used to active a relay that can be used as a switch.

What has the author George Rieke written?

George Rieke has written: 'Development of far infrared detection techniques' -- subject(s): Infrared detectors

What has the author Samuel Lakeou written?

Samuel Lakeou has written: 'High Tc superconducting bolometric and nonbolometric infrared (IR) detectors' -- subject(s): Infrared detectors, High temperature superconductors, Superconducting devices, Bolometer, YBCO superconductors, Superconducting films

How are infrared rays detected?

Infrared rays are detected through the use of heat-sensitive devices. These devices include photoconductors, bolometers, photovoltaic cells and thermocouple detectors.

Will an infrared port pick up bluetooth?

No, infrared port uses IR radiation and bluetooth uses radio frequency radiation.

What are Interior systems made of?

Interior systems usually provide infrared motion detectors located in strategic areas

What instrument measures higher temperature?

Special thermometers for high temperatures, thermistors, thermoresistances, thermocouples, infrared detectors.

Overview of Infrared Gas Detectors?

Infrared gas detectors are essential to your next home improvement or remodeling project. This technology is a reliable way to detect explosive and even lower levels of gas in your home and could prove essential in saving your home from a gas leak. Infrared gas detection is based upon the ability of some gases to absorb IR radiation. With the advanced designs currently employed in this technology, infrared gas detectors require no routine calibration and are basically maintenance free. They also have a fail-to-safe operation, making them a valuable asset to your home remodel.

What are the uses of americium?

Americium is commonly used in smoke detectors.

What objects use infrared?

i have no idea what uses infrared but i know a mobile phone uses it i think x x you hate waerwolves don't you Alicia

What has the author J R Houck written?

J. R Houck has written: 'Long wavelength photoconductive detectors for airborne and orbital infrared astronomy' -- subject(s): Infrared astronomy, Photoconductivity

What isThallium 201?

In a nutshell, it's a soft metal with a low melting point. Its chemical symbol is Tl, and its atomic number is 81. A few of its many uses include infrared detectors, nuclear medicine, and (in the past) rat poison and insectisides.

Are infrared gas detectors the best way to detect gas leaks?

Yes. Infrared are currently considered to be the best option to detect gas leaks. They use the absorption of infrared radiation at certain wavelengths to detect dangerous levels of toxic and combustible gases.

Describe the uses of ionising radiation used in a home?

Smoke detectors

What are the uses of synthetic element?

most of the synthetic elements are used in the nuclear technology industry but a few have found uses in the home such as americium which is used in smoke detectors and californium wich is used in metal detectors

What has the author Richard E Thomas written?

Richard E. Thomas has written: 'Long wave infrared research in the Soviet Union' -- subject(s): Germanium diodes, Infrared detectors, Infrared radiation, Military applications, Research, Silicon diodes, Target acquisition

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