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What are the uses of percentages?

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2011-07-20 04:28:07

There are so many uses it boggles the mind. I will list a few,

and perhaps people will add to it over time. * Setting and

calculating discounts on sale items at the store * Calculating

sales tax * Test scores (percentage correct) * Political polling

Rates, and percentage is just a rate (per 100), are useful wherever

you want to express one value relative to another value.

Percentages become especially useful if you want to compare groups

on a fairer basis. For example, if Student A gets 18 questions out

of 20 correct and Student B gets 21 questions out of 30 correct,

which is the better student? Student B answered MORE questions

correctly, but Student A is better because they achieved a higher

PERCENTAGE of right answers (18/20=90%). Student B's score,

expressed as a percentage, is lower (21/30=70%). But if I had 2

questions and answered them both correctly, I'd be better


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