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The wavy features found on some sandstones are the build up of the different layers of rock the rock has produced over the decades.

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What are the wavy features found on sandstones?

That would be Ripple Marks

What are wavy features found on some sandstones?

Those are deposition layers influenced by wind or moving water.

What are the wavy features on some sandstones?

They are most likely preserved ripples.

What are wavy features found on sandstones?

Either ripple marks such as you see on a beach when what has flowed over the sand, or on a larger scale layers from the formation of sand dunes which got buried and turned into rock.

What are the wavy features found on sandstone?

ripple marks

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What are the wavy features found on some sedimentary rocks?

They could be surface imprints of wave depositions or they could be a cross bedding of windblown or water current sediments. A third alternative is that they could be some form of irregular weathering. It's hard to tell without seeing a particular specimen.

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