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We can use fine powder on the carrom board to reduce friction

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Q: What are the ways of increasing and reducing friction?
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Give the ways of increasing and reducing friction?

By making the surface rough for increasing friction....... use any lubricating material to reduce the friction.. use rollers to decrease the friction force.. make less contact between 2 connecting materials..

Example of ways increasing friction?

Friction can be increased by reducing the speed of the moving object. Friction can also be increased by increasing the weight of the moving object.

What are ways to increase friction?

1)increasing the roughness of the surface 2)increasing the mass of the object

What are two ways you can reduce friction in a machine?

A lubricant such as oil and ball bearings are just (2) methods of reducing friction.

Name ways of increasing and reducing friction?

smooth the surfaces lubricate the surfacesfor gears, the shape of the tooth is importantselect the materials, some combinations of materials have lower friction than others.for something rolling, use ball bearings, air cushion or roller bearingIncrease friction:roughen the surfaces.remove lubricantselect the materials, some combinations of materials have lower friction than others.

What are the ways that can decrease friction?

1) using a lubricant film between moving parts. 2) using low friction materials, such as Teflon.3) reducing surface roughness.

What are the different ways on how to reduce and increase frictional force?

Polishing the surface or coating it with a lubricant is a way of reducing friction. To increase friction just hammer some ridges on the surface.

Can you mercury for reducing the friction?


What does reducing mass and friction improve on a co2 car?

by reducing the mass you reduce the friction, and by reducing the friction reduce the fuel needed to move the car, this applies to all cars not only CO2 cars.

What are different ways of reducing friction?

It depends on what you are referring to. Generally some ways of reducing friction are by using smoother surfaces, using fluids with lower viscosities, using grease or any lubricant, using rollers/wheels, using ball bearings, and with objects like cars and planes- these are usually made with streamlined shapes.

What are the different ways the lassen or minimize the effect of friction?

By reducing the contact surface area of the object and by applying the lubricant between the two contact surfaces lassens or minimizes the effect of friction.

Methods of increasing and decreasing friction?

by increasing smothness wecan decrease the friction and vice versa