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There are typically no withdrawal symptoms associated with the cessation of LSD use, nor is LSD considered to be addictive.

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2009-06-15 08:16:02
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Q: What are the withdrawal symptoms of LSD?
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What are the withdrawal symptons of LSD?

LSD is a hallucinatory drug, but not an addictive drug; it does not produce withdrawal symptoms.

What are the withdrawals from LSD like?

There are no withdrawal symptoms from LSD as LSD does not cause physical dependence.

What are some withdrawal symptoms of LSD?

LSD is not considered physically addictive and does not have physical withdrawal symptoms. However, one may experience a desire of craving to do LSD again, as LSD may be psychologically addictive.

What are the withdrawal effects of LSD?

LSD is not physically addictive. There are no physical withdrawal symptoms. It just wears off after awhile.

Can LSD cause withdrawal?

No, LSD does not cause physiological dependence.

Is LSD physologically addictive?

Evidence points against this. Withdrawal symptoms are not seem clearly in LSD (like they are in Opiates and Stimulants). All the same, LSD has not been fully researched, and evidence may yet point to physical dependence.

What has the author Valerie Atwood written?

Valerie Atwood has written: 'Drug and Narcotic Withdrawal Symptoms' 'Drug withdrawal symptoms' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Drug withdrawal symptoms, Indexes, Periodicals, Substance Withdrawal Syndrome

What are the withdrawal symptoms if a person stops using LSD?

Because LSD is not physically addictive, there are no physical effects upon cessation of use. While generally not psychologically addictive, it is possible to experience relatively mild "cravings" when one stops using this substance, but these are typically easy to overcome.

Where can one get withdrawal symptoms from?

There are a number of ways to get withdrawal symptoms. If you are using drugs, smoke cigarettes, or take pain killers you would be at most risk of having symptoms of withdrawal when you stop taking them. You can even have withdrawal symptoms from some antidepressants and steroids if you stop taking your medication at once.

Where can one find symptoms of alcohol withdrawal?

One can find symptoms of alcohol withdrawal on the WebMD website. The site is a good resource to visit to find out what symptoms to look for and how to treat someone with alcohol withdrawal.

Does marijuana have withdrawal symptoms?

Marijuana has both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Compared to other drugs, the physical withdrawal symptoms are more minor. Please see related questions for more details.

What are some of the withdrawal symptoms from Wellbutrin and Zoloft?

Withdrawal symptoms of Wellbutrin include; aggressive behavior, hostility, irritability, and paranoia. Zoloft withdrawal symptoms are; insomnia, anxiety, irritability, headache, confusion and dizziness.

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