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Q: What are the words to say to turn women on?
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What are the 3 easy words that turn women on?

free, money, cake

What the most sensitive words you can say to a women?


What words can you say to turn a dude on?

I will wear a bikini and bring beer.

What do most women want men to say to them?

They want you to say three simple words I LOVE YOU AnswerThe truth.

When looking for someone to whom they can confide their personal worries women usually turn to women and men usually turn to women?

Because women listen.

What to say to your girlfriend to turn them on?

Depends on the girl. Usually turning women on starts with compliments and suggestive behavior called 'flirting'. Try that out.

How do you turn into animals on runescapecom?

you could say that they just turn in to waerwolfs and then man or women will they could be real but not bad you never know ok people but people do have a thing but no waerwolfs are not real

How do you turn a man in to a women?

You can not.

Where do you go to get the mystery gift in platinum?

Go to Jubilife TV station, go to the third floor look for a man next to a lady talk to him he will ask you to say some words. The first words you say is "Everybody Happy" and the second pair of words you say is "Wi-fi Connection" and then save turn on your DS and it will say Mystery gift

How do you get your ex back if you left her?

Well, say comfortable words to her, send her flowers and say i love u as many times as needed. send her chocolate ( that's a real turn on.)

What can I say to my girlfriend to turn her on?

Its simple, really. Tell her she's beautiful, sexy, and that she had a gorgeous body. Please her with your words first, then your body after.

How do you say you turn me on?

You can say "You turn me on" to express that someone excites or arouses you.