What are the working conditions for a wedding planner?

It depends on what you mean by 'working conditions' by answer to your question would be: I am a wedding planner, and my company, Every Detail was set up in 2001. I now have staff working with me, but invariably it is long hours. I work from home, as do all my planners, as any costs which are overheads would be passed on to our clients and we like to keep our price as competitive as possible. Working on a wedding isn't an even workload, and at particular times of the year it can be very pressurised. Working weekends is part of the job, as is working in the evening as many of your clients are only available then. The job is rewarding and satisfying, but it can take a long time, like in any new business, to make profit and begin to earn yourself a wage. Wedding days are very long, tiring and very often you do not get a break, so you really must be prepared for hard work. Many companies offer training and 'hands on experience' which we also do, so it may be worth learning more about it before taking the plunge.