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They are used for leading the merchandising aspects of multiple departments in an individual Walmart store. The Zone Merchandise Supervisor is the highest level of hourly supervisors in Walmart. The next level would be salaried management who deals with the operations of a store scheduling, hiring, etc.

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Q: What are the zone Merchandise supervisor for Walmart?
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Is a Walmart Merchandise Supervisor a ZMS?

Yes, ZMS stands for Zone Merchandising Supervisor. The position is middle-management over Department Managers and is the highest hourly position within store level operations. A Zone Merchandise Supervisor is above a Merchandise Supervisor. The ZMS is above the entire zone, or area, or department. The ZMS is directly below an assistant manager, and the MS is below the ZMS.

What is the average salary for a walmart zone merchandise supervisor?

Zms pay is two dollars a hour raise from what you make now but on average it would be 12-14 dollars a hour considering you been with the company for some time.

What does a merchandise supervisor make at walmart?

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What does a return merchandise supervisor make at walmart?

Depending on your experience and ability to negotiate you should expect to make anywhere from 10-12 an hour.

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