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Q: What are three achievements in space exploration that involved the US?
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Who were the 3 men involved in space Mission Apollo 11?

the three persons are, 1. Neil Armstrong2. Michael Collins3. Buzz Aldrin

What are the three main parts of the space shuttle?

The three main parts of a space shuttle is the orbiter, the cone, and the wings.

List three components included a space suit?

List three components included in a space suit?Answer:HelmetCommunication SystemParachute

Is there any unaswered questions about the solar system?

Here are some examples of unanswered questions about space: -- Where does space begin ? -- Where does space end ? -- Where is the middle-point of space ? -- What is the volume of space ? -- How much does space weigh ? -- What is the color of space ? -- What is the shape of space ? -- What size is space ? -- How much does space weigh ? -- Can you compress space into a smaller space ? -- What are the dimensions of space ? -- Does space have a smell ? -- On your way to the moon, can you fill up a jar of space and bring it home ? -- Is space moving ? -- Are all parts of space moving in the same direction, or at the same speed ? -- What does space look like if there's nothing in it ? -- Can you measure space ? -- Can you carry some space from one place to another ? -- When a solid object comes along and displaces some space, where does the displaced space go ? -- We know that waves of things like electromagnetic and maybe gravity can move THROUGH space. Does space by itself have waves in it ?

Should space exploration continue?

yes the planet mars has the most exploration of any of the planets(aside from Earth) but it is nknow as the bumuta triangle of the solar system because so many missions have failed. no manned missions have been sent but NASA hopes to send humans in the future