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O.K. we did this in school!

There is:

  • monitor
  • speakers
  • printer
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Three common output devices?

What are the three common output devices

What devices are considered output services?

output devices are monitor,speaker,printer where you get your output

Which devices are considered output devices?

Devices which provide feedback to the user are output devices. This includes monitors, speakers, printers, and so on.

What kind of computer hardware equipment are considered output devices?

There are many pieces of computer hardware equipment that are considered output devices. Some examples of computer output devices are speakers, headphones, monitors, and printers.

Which input output devices will you be using in the next one to three years as computing devices?

which input/output devices will you be using in the next one to three years as computing devices.

List three common output devices?

monitor,printer,speaker are the common output devices

List 3 output devices?

Three output devices are1. Speaker2. Printer3. Projector

What are the parts of the computer that is input and output?

Peripheral Devices. Keyboards and such for input and monitors and such for output. All are connected and considered peripheral devices.

What are 10 output devices and their functions?

output devices.. output devices are the devices

What are three things all computers have in common?

Input devicesCPUMemory/storageOUtput devices

What are three output devices?

monitor, printer, and speakers

Are speakers input or output devices?

Seeing how a speaker sends nothing to computer it is considered and output device.

What are the three basic parts of a computer?

Input devices output devices central processing unit

Is a webcam an output device?

No. As information is being 'put' from the webcam intothe computer, it is considered an input device. Other such devices are a mouse or keyboard. Output devices are devices which take information from the computer and put it out for the user to experience. Output devices include a monitor, speakers, and a printer.

What are the three basic components of a computer?

It would be input devices (keyboard, mouse), output devices (monitor, printer), and processing devices (CPU). You could also include storage devices, and they typically are both input and output devices.

Advantages of output devices?

advantage of output devices

What devices are considered output devices?

An output device is all the devices used to view or obtain information from the computer. The main typical output devices are: monitors speakers web cams printers scanners keyboard mouse light pen digital cameras These are the most commonly used output devices. hope this info helped you guys a bit. good luck :)

What are some output devices of the computer?

output devices are the devices from which the output is obtained. examples: MONITER, PRINTER etc.,

Is hardware a output or input device?

They're both! Monitors are output devices and so are printers. A common input devices would be keyboards or mice and all are considered hardware.

What are the output devices. explain any two output devices.?

Output devices are peripherals on a computer that output information. i.e., screen and speakers.

What are the latest output devices?

what are the latest input and output devices???

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