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like a dart thin at the front fat at the back

or you could do one shaped like a bullet

or like the one i did which holds the Australian and USA record a thin pyramid shaped dragster

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โˆ™ 2011-01-29 12:21:05
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Q: What are three different designs for the CO2 dragster?
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How is model CO2 dragster similar to real dragster?

A model CO2 dragster involves the same principal forces as a real dragster. A model CO2 has mass, thrust, friction and drag, which are also the main components of a real dragster.

Do tires make a difference for a co2 dragster?

yes they do as they have different friction coefficiants

Do the side and the top of the CO2 dragster need to match?

No the side of a Co2 dragster does not need to match the have to fit.

What are the secrets behind the CO2 dragster?

the nose

How do you reduce friction on the CO2 dragster model?

the nose

How fast is a co2 dragster car?

10000000 MPH

What is the best shape for a co2 dragster?

a teardrop shape

How do you stop a Co2 dragster?

Foam padding with a blanket and a pillow.

Co2 dragster top and side view?

go to images

What are CO2 dragster constraints?

Co2 Dragster constraints are the limits or tolorances that your dragster must fall within. Whether it is length of car,width of car, weight of car, length of axles, placement of axles, or any other guideline that must be adhered to when building your car.

What is the fastest co2 dragster in the world?

mine at the panthers raceway did 0.864

Is it possible to make a CO2 dragster too light?

Indeed young grasshopper

How does a CO2 dragster work?

it uses carbon dixoide to make the car go

What dry lubricants can make a CO2 powered dragster go faster?


What is the ideal weight for the CO2 dragster?

around 50 grams- weight of the national champions car

How do you build a fast CO2 dragster car?

Make it very aerodynamic and light by making it hit the wind easily

What is the best design for a Co2 dragster?

usually, a bullet shaped design would work better if made of balsa wood

What is the fastest a CO2 dragster car can go?

about 75 km/h nobody knows because it changes every year

Who created the Pitsco car?

Harvey Dean created the Pitsco car or the Co2 Dragster as some may prefer to call it.

What tools or materials do you need to make a CO2 dragster?

Band saw, sand paper, and a Drill that's pretty much it

How does weight affect a co2 dragster?

it slows it down the more there is the bette roff you rak g;ms dnavlkkjad afblj gopatbcxanfg;abkjx

How do you make a CO2 dragster car go fast?

make it more aerodynamics so the winds don't hold the car back when it is racing

How fast does a co2 dragster go?

Attach the wheels strate to the co2 cartrage and lose the car. just kiding put some weight in the front and streamline it but try not to make its over all weight increase.

Is it possible to make a CO2 dragster car too light?

Yes it is, but the car will still go faster but it will end up breaking if you're not careful.

What and how many elements does CO2 have?

2 different elements. But three altogether. Two Oxygen and one Carbon.