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Three examples of mechanical waves are: sound waves, water waves and stadium waves. Mechanical waves can't transfer their energy through a vacuum.


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Three examples of mechanical waves are ocean waves, sound waves, and seismic waves. Mechanical waves can also be categorized as surface waves, longitudinal waves, and transverse waves.

Ocean waves, seismic waves, and sound waves are some examples.

Three types of mechanical waves are transverse, longitudinal, & surface waves. Mechanical waves require a material medium to travel.

Mechanical waves are waves that need a medium to go through. Some examples are ocean waves, seismic waves, and sound waves. Also when a slinky moves back and forth or at right angles it is like a wave.

water waves on a shore, sound waves, earth quakes.

Some examples of mechanical waves are Sound, waves in a slinky, and water. Mechanical waves need matter to move. Some examples of electromagnetic waves are Radio, Gamma, X-rays, Infra-red, and Microwaves Electromagnetic waves are able to travel through a medium of liquids, solids, and geaseous states, or through space where there is no material at all, called "vacuum".

Examples of mechanical waves are waves in the ocean and sound waves from devices like mouths, trombones, and radios. Electromagnetic waves like sunshine and X-rays are not mechanical waves because matter is not doing the waving.

Transverse, parallel, and mechanical waves.

x rays radio and light

There are only two types of mechanical waves: longitudinal waves, and transverse waves..In a longitudinal wave, the waves themselves oscillate, or vibrate, in the same direction as the wave travel. Longitudinal waves are also called compression waves. Sound and seismic P-waves are examples of mechanical longitudinal waves..In a transverse wave, the waves oscillate perpendicular to the direction of the wave travel. Ocean waves and seismic S-waves are examples of mechanical transverse waves..See the related links for further information about longitudinal and transverse waves.

1) mechanical waves 2) electro magnatic waves 3) sound waves 4)ocean waves 5) air waves

Sunlight and radiowaves are examples of electromagnetic waves, which are transverse mechanical waves. Sound waves are compression waves.

Quantifying the number of types of waves in fact reduces to the problem of quantifying the number of forces. In fact, mechanical waves are a subset of electromagnetic waves, so there are in fact three other types of waves on top of electromagnetic, for the three other fundamental forces: strong nuclear, weak nuclear, gravitational. Mechanical movement can be caused by any of the four fundamental forces. *Short answer: no. By the way, mechanical waves require a medium, where EM waves do not. They are the only, two, separate types of waves.

Three examples of Mechanical Energy are 1.) A Gear shaft 2.) An Elevator NOT A PULLEY!!!!

Body heat, sunlight, and radio waves are three examples of energy.

Mechanical waves are classified by how they move. 2 types of mechanical waves are transverse waves and longitudinal waves.

mechanical waves need a medium to travel through, electromagnetic waves do not. Electromagnetic waves can travel through space, mechanical waves can not.:PElectromagnetic waves do not require a medium, but mechanical waves do.

transverse waves are mechanical!

Mechanical waves require a medium while Electromagnetic waves does not.

Non mechanical waves are Eletro magnetic waves. We can devide 2 waves. 1 is mechanical waves & 2 is electromagnetic waves. For example Sound is a mechanical wave & Light is an electromagnetic wave.

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