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Q: What are three examples of models?
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What are the three examples of model?

graphs,tables and spread sheet are the three examples of models

What are three examples of objects that are too large to easily study without models?

Three examples too large to study without models might be:stars and planetsthe interior of the earththe many trenches in the oceans

Give three examples of models in science?

this is what i put... EX: HIV and AIDS models EX: Atoms models EX: Solar System models well these are my answers.. BYEEE!!! [;

What are the three types of of models?

the three types of models are physical models,idea models and computer models.

Three kinds of models used in science?

mathematical models conceptual models and Physical models

Is anything from models fake?

Not necessarily. Models for faith, models for morals and conduct, and models for leadership are, for examples, not fake.

What are three kinds of models used for science?

The three types of models used in science are : Physical models Mathematical models Conceptual models

What are some examples of physical models computer models and idea models in scientific definition?

Hi. Some examples includes- Organizations. Inferences. Visualities. And Predicting. These are just a few I know. :)

What are the examples of physical media?

sculptures and models

What are examples of graphical models?

Is my dick in a teachers butt

What are three types of models scientist use?

Three types of scientific models are conceptual, mathematical, and physical models. ~Ares

What are the three major types of explanatory models?

regression models econometric models leading indicators