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* Lake Texhoma * Downtown Guthrie * The Panhandle and the Cherokee Strip * Wheat fields and grain elevators

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What are some of the most famous man made landmarks in Oklahoma?

There are none, it's one lives there.

What are three famous landmarks in Puerto Rico?

El Yonque

Give some famous landmarks in Asia?

Some famous Landmarks include: Terra Cotta Army, Great Wall of China, Three Jewel Temples

What are the 3 most famous landmarks in Chile?

The three most famous landmarks in Chile are Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Lauca National Park, and Pucon.

Who are the three famous landmarks in Brazil?

the taxi, the airport and the flight home

What are three famous landmarks in Kosovo?

Theres a river callwd Drini river

Famous landmarks in Mongolia?

Mongolia has several famous landmarks. A few of the famous landmarks are the flaming cliffs, gobi desert, and burkhan khaldun.

Famous landmarks in Jamaica?

The landmarks in Jamaica are....... ................. ................. .................. .....................

Famous landmarks in Oman?

landmarks in Oman

Where are famous places and landmarks?

Famous places and landmarks hangaroo

What are three famous landmarks in Hungary?

royal palace,house of terror,the great church

What are three famous landmarks in the Bahamas?

Fort Charlotte Smith's Point Garden of Groves

Name three famous landmarks in paris?

Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Paris Opera.

What are the names of famous Austrian landmarks?

one of the famous Austrian landmarks is the Danube river

What are 2 famous landmarks in Ivory Coast?

the 2 famous landmarks are yakssuma and kalian

Famous landmarks in Mexico?

what are the famoous landmarks in Mexico

How many Landmarks are there in India?

10 Famous Landmarks

What are three famous landmarks in Guatemala?

Well, I don't know three, but I do know that the Mayan ruins of Tikal would be one of them.

Can you name three famous landmarks in London?

London eye big ben where the queen lives

What are three of London's most famous landmarks?

Buckingham palace, London eye and big Ben.

Famous landmarks of brazil?

There are numerous famous landmarks that are located in Brazil. A few of the landmarks are Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, and the Amazon Theater.

What are some famous landmarks in the west?

Wailing Wall of Israel is one of the famous landmarks of the west

What famous landmarks does Cameroon have?

Some famous landmarks of Cameroon are the Mt. Fako and the Mt. Cameroon

Name of Japanese famous landmarks?

the famous Japanese landmarks are shiromi and cranky Joel burns

How many famous landmarks does new york have?

2 landmarks