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Monks and Nuns wrote manuscript books.

They made medicine and operated hospitals.

They ran schools.

They carried mail from one place to another.

They provided refuge for those who sought it.

They protected pilgrims on the road, and provided places for them to stay.

In some places they sang in choirs to cathedrals.

Many of the great creative people of the Middle Ages, authors, composers, artists, scientists, and philosophers, were monks or nuns.

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Where did medieval monks live?

Medieval monks lived in a monastery.

How did medieval monks spread Christianity?

Medieval Monks spread Christianity by many different techniques. Now, if you are talking about Medieval Monks in Europe, then they spread Christianity by telling others mostly. There is a website all about Medieval Monks below.

What are the beliefs of medieval christian monks?

Christian medieval monks were Roman Catholic, of which the major orders were: The Benedictine Monks The Cistercian Monks The Carthusian Monks The Dominican Monks The Franciscan Monks The Augustine Monks, including the Gilbertines

What year were medieval monks around?

Monks were around for every single year of the Medieval Age. There were also monks in late Roman times, and there are still monks in modern times. Monks have been around for a good long while, and not all of them were Medieval. * The Medieval Age lasted from the 5th Century to the 15th.

What were medieval monks houses like?

The Medieval era spanned a millennia and many monks lived during that time- there's not going to be any definitive answer. What I can tell you is that common building materials included wood, mud brick, stone, and rushes and that monks' houses were probably built to the method of whichever era they lived in.

Who did medieval monks worship?

The God of the Bible.

How are medieval monks different to friars?

Monks stay in the monastery while friars stay in the community.

Who performed the medieval drama?

Monks and in 1210 when they weren't allowed by the church to act in the passion plays the town guilds did the plays. The actors were all men.

What was a medieval abbot?

a man who is the head of an abbey of monks

Are there any more medieval monks living?

No, obviously. Medieval times ended hundreds of years ago and people, monks included just don't live that long.

How were missionaries and monks different in medieval times?

The missionaries were on Ireland and the monks were by a deprecate rule and IDs and ilks

What do medieval parsons wear?

There were no medieval parsons. The clergy of the time were Catholic and dressed as priests or monks.

What did medieval monks do for entertainment?

Masturbate, read scriptures, pray.

What are the foods medieval monks ate?

Medieval monks ate dry bread and meat. But they could only eat meat on speacial days and when they were sick. They ate alot of vegedables too.

What kind of vehicles do medieval monks drive?

The monks didn't drive anything since they didn't have items to drive. They walked.

What clothes did religious monks wear in medieval time?

Monks wore large brown robes and often shaved their heads.

What class in medieval society was an apothecary in?

Generally, the monks were the ones who were the apothecary's .

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