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Q: What are to you using file sharing?
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How do you stay safe using file sharing?

Stay safe by using legal sites.

How do you transfer video file taken by Video Zoom 2 in iPhone to a PC using iTunes?

USB file transfer to computer using iTunes File Sharing

Is Skype a collaborative tool?

Skype can be used as a collaborative tool, using the conferencing, screen sharing and file sharing features.

If using LimeWire for file sharing is illegal should you delete all the LimeWire files from your computer?

Using Limewire is not illegal. Limewire is a P2P file sharing utility. If you share files which are copyrighted and without a licence or permission then that is illegal.

In a P2P file sharing application do you agree with the statement there is no notion of client and server sides of a communication session and Why?

In P2P file sharing there is no dedicated server to transfer or share files. In file sharing using email you use a client server architecture, meaning every time you send something it goes from your computer to a server and then to the computer you are sending to. In P2P file sharing it simply goes from your computer to the next. P2P is found in file distribution with Bit-Torrent and in file sharing with eMule and LimeWire.

Common way of sharing resources on a peer-to-peer network is modify by?

Modify the file-sharing controls using the computer's operating system

Which file system in Windows server 2003 allows folders to be shared?

Any file system; file sharing does not depend on the underlying representation of bits on disk. Windows server 2003 should be using NTFS anyway, which is what you want to be using. For more information on windows file sharing, look up 'SMB' and 'CIFS'.

What does the website torrentbox offer?

As its name suggests, TorrontBox offers torrents on its website. TorrentBox is a popular site for file sharing. One should always exercise caution when using file sharing sites.

What is peer-to-peer file sharing?

Peer-to-peer sharing uses a peer-to-peer network. File sharing allows users to access media files such as books, music, movies, and games using special software to search for others connected to the network.

What do you mean by file sharing?

File sharing means sharing data between two systems generally. For example if you share your resume to a recruiter via Gmail then it also comes under file sharing.

What is the difference between P2P file sharing and traditional file sharing?

In peer-to-peer sharing you are using a software program and not you browser. And there is a computer to computer charing system instead of servers. All you need to do is type in what you want and probally it will come up as found. And you can download it. And in traditionaln file sharing you can either go trough a server or two computers near by on the same internet way.

What is the reason for disabling simple file sharing?

Organizations can benefit from disabling simple file sharing when the system has become compromised. By disabling file sharing you limit access to the system.