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the bits of gunk that sticks to your toes like bits of sock and sweat.

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Gunk from your toes.

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Robertsons Jams.

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When was The Raspberry Jams created?

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Is the pinky toe a toe?

The pinky toe (smallest toe) is a toe.

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What is the toe's names?

Hallux (big toe) Second toes (long toe) Third toe (middle toe) Fourth toe (ring toe) Fifth Toe (pinky toe, baby toe, or little toe)

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sugar is used in preserving jams and squashes

Is the big toe lateral to the little toe?

No the little toe is lateral to the big toe, and so the big toe is medial to the little toe.

Are chutneys similar to jams to spread?

There is a big difference between chutneys and jams. Chutneys are savory relishes made of fruits, spices, and other ingredients. Jams are made with fruits and sugar.

Is pectin important in making jams and jellies?

Pectin is important in jams and jellies as pectin is the natural setting agent for jams and jellies, the higher the pectin levels the better the jam or jelly will be.

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Is middle toe medial to the big toe?

The middle toe is lateral to the big toe. The big toe is closer to the midline of the body.

Is the small toe medial to the big toe?

The small toe is lateral to the big toe. The big toe is closer to the midline of the body.

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Jams and preserves are thicker, made by cooking fruit, pectin, and sugar until the texture is almost a puree

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Fruit jams are not preserved with sodium chloride; it is rarely added to improve the taste.

How are jams and jellies processed?

Jams and jellies are processed through a sanitary canning process. The jams and jellies are pasteurized (boiled) to where they have killed all possible pathogens. Then they are packed in hot jars , then cooled and sealed.

Do toes have names like fingers do?

Yes, they do ... from Medial to Lateral: * Big toe * Index toe * Middle toe * 4th Toe * Little Toe - aka "pinky toe"

Is your little toe lateral or distal to the big toe?

The little toe is lateral to the big toe. The big toe is closer to the midline of the body.