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Q: What are traditional or general merchandise?
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When was Feraud General Merchandise Store created?

Feraud General Merchandise Store was created in 1903.

Was it walton's five and dimewalton's general merchandise or walt's world of merchandise?

wlat's world of merchandise

What is the difference between an enterprise and general merchandise?

There is a huge difference between an enterprise and a general merchandise. An enterprise means a project, a business or a company. A general merchandise on the other hand is a wholesale or retail store that does not deal with any specific category of products.

How to find wholesalers of general merchandise in mexico?


What things can you sell from general merchandise store?

thell let you i did it

What is grocery and general merchandise retailor in chestnut UK?


What is the meaning of general merchandise?

General Merchandise is widely considered to be nonfood items. For example, a grocery store is generally broken up into the grocery section and the general merchandise section. This may include cleaners, personal hygiene products, paper goods, seasonal items such as cards and decor, and auto/electrical items.

How do you get the email for General Merchandise Buyer of Lowes Companies?

go on linkedin or jigsaw

Where can one find a wall mount for a LCD TV?

Wall mounts for LCD TVs through various online retailers, as well as traditional stores. The types of traditional stores that one would fine a wall mount include furniture stores, electronic stores, general merchandise stores, and television specialty shops.

Number of Target Corp's stores that opened in 2007?

In 2007 Target Corp. opened 85 new general merchandise stores and 33 new Super Target stores. 15 general merchandise stores were closed.

When did colonial general store keepers work?

they sold some merchandise they got from England

What is the sales tax rate for peoria county Illinois?

Although the "Tax Rate Finder" application apparently is not up-to-date or working currently, by navigating the Illinois Dept of Revenue website, all rates can be found. As of 2009, the sales tax rate is as follows: Food tax (state): 1% General merchandise (state): 6.25% General merchandise (county): 0.25% General merchandise (city): 1.5% This makes the general merchandise tax total 8%. A local option sales tax was passed for the county in 2009, which will increase the county sales tax rate by 0.25% in 2010 for up to 20 years. This will cause the local general merchandise tax to be 8.25%.